Used Cars Under 300 Dollars – Is it possible

So, you want an inexpensive car, but you’re not sure how low you can go to get something that will last you at least another month. Or, you are looking for a steal of a deal that you can work on yourself and get in good running condition. Either way, you can find used cars under 300 dollars, if you know where to look.

cheap used cars under 300

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All About Used Cars Under 300 Dollars

Are you looking for used cars for sale under 300 dollars? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will be talking about what you can expect when looking for a car at this price range. Used cars under 300 dollars are very difficult to come by, so don’t expect to walk into a car dealership and find one right away. Your best bet is to look on the Internet. Keep in mind that a car that costs this little will probably need a lot of repairs as well as a new set of tires and breaks. Cars at this price range will probably not be advertised because the owner wants to recoup as much money as possible. When buying used cars, always perform an auto background check to see how many accidents it’s been through and how much mileage it has accumulated over the years. Below, I will provide you with some great tips on how you can get your hand on used cars for sale under 300 dollars.

Auto Repo Auctions

If you do a simple Google search for auto repo auctions, you’ll find a slew of results. These sites allow you to quickly browse used cars and find one in your area. You can filter the search depending on your preference for location, mileage number, car brand, and model. These cars have been seized from previous owners who were unable to make their payments on time. Thus, you’ll find that you can find a lot of great deals if you take the time to research and learn about what cars are available. I was able to find a few cars for ridiculously great deals, but it took a lot of time and effort.


Craigslist is probably my favorite site to use when I’m looking for used cars to sell or buy. Since you are in touch directly with the seller, there is no need to waste money on the middleman. A lot of the people who post on Craigslist, want to get rid of their items as soon as possible either because they’re moving or they need the cash. Thus, if you comb through the listings, you can find some great deals. In the last few months, I was able to find several used vehicles under 300 dollars! When using Craigslist, never send money online. Always meet the seller face to face and test out the car before giving the money.


Like Craigslist, eBay allows people to post what they want to sell, including used cars. The only difference is that eBay is an online auction site, so you will have to compete with other bidders. This might seem like an annoying process, but it actually works to your benefit if you are a savvy bidder. Always low-ball your bid and pick unusual numbers like 287 dollars instead of 250 or 300 dollars. By doing this, you can win the bid without having to spend too much money.

If you follow the tips outlined above, you should be able to find used cars under 300 dollars.

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