Used Gas Scooters for Kids

Used gas scooters for kids can be great fun and a good way to help teach children responsibility. What kid wouldn’t love having a scooter to ride? Most kids would love having a scooter to ride to school or just around the neighborhood. Having a scooter to ride would get children moving rather than sitting around playing video games all day. I’m not saying riding a scooter is great exercise but it could be a way to get a child outdoors and moving around. If your child wants a scooter but you’re not sure he/she is ready for it, you should consider getting a used gas scooter as a starter. If your child uses the scooter and takes care it, you can decide if you want to buy a new scooter later.

Local Searches

I would start my search for a used scooter at local scooter stores. Ask if they have any trade-ins or street legal scooters that where returned that you could look at. Ask if they have a scooter that was slightly damaged in shipping that they don’t have on the sales floor. Even though technically that’s a new scooter, you may be able to get it at a good price.


The classifieds of local papers would be another good place to look for a used gas scooter for kids. The Iwanna newspaper, sold in certain parts of the country has sections devoted to just about anything that’s bought and sold, including street legal scooters. If you find a scooter that you think you’re interested in you can use contact information in the add to contact sellers. There’s also a free on-line version of Iwanna that you can search. I searched Iwanna for scooters within a 30 mile radius of where I live and here are a few things that showed up.

  • 2008 150 scooter. Very low miles, new battery, never registered, $950 OBO. 86
  • Lonson Racing Style. Brand new 4 wheeler, 125cc, adult, or child, $1150. Will consider partial trade for guns, motorcycles or motor scooters. (Just kidding! This was a real add but will consider partial trade for guns, motorcycles or motor scooters?!! Hmmm?)
  • 2008 150cc scooter. Runs 60+MPG, has lots of extra parts. Runs great, 2500 miles, asking $600. Motivated Seller.

Used Gas Scooters for Kids on eBay

eBay is another great place to look for a used scooter. eBay is probably the worlds largest on-line auction site. Sellers get rated on their products and service and you get an option to bid on an item or to buy at a set price. Most products on eBay have pictures and detailed descriptions of the product. eBay normally has a wide variety of whatever it is you’re looking for.

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Used Gas Scooter for Sale Under $100 Dollars

Though not used, The Fly is a 50cc gas powered scooter from China that sales for $100 – $140.00. These scooters look like stand up kick scooters with a motor mounted under an adjustable seat. Fly Scooters advertise speeds of 31 – 40 km/h, which is approximately 20 – 25 mph. At this price you may be able to find a used gas scooter for kids for sale under 100 dollars. They’re recommended for kids 16 and up.

Responsibility for a Scooter

Buying a used street legal gas scooter for your kid could be a great way to help him/her learn responsibility. You could make him/her responsible for coming up with their own gas money. They may also gain a few mechanical and electrical skills by doing some of their own maintenance on the scooter. They would have to keep everything (lights, brakes) in working order so that they can ride safely. Doing those kind of things will give a child some self-confidence and help prepare thing for bigger things. If this works out, it could lead to getting a better scooter. You can find cheap scooters for sale for under 500 dollars. You can get a good street legal adult scooter in that range. Some online scooter stores advertise new scooters for 499 dollars.

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