Used Mobility Scooters

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Used mobility scooters are a boon to anyone of any age who has mobility issues. They give individuals back their feeling of independence and self-worth and enable them to enjoy activities that they might otherwise not be able to do.

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Used Mobility Scooters, Seekyt

Because of their popularity as an assistive technology for those whose mobility is impaired, there is usually a good supply of pre-owned vehicles to be found. For instance, eBay currently lists over 600 used electric scooters for sale, and they are just one of the many sources for obtaining one of these used vehicles. If you are patient and do your homework, you can probably end up purchasing a serviceable model at a reasonable price. Here’s some advice on where to look for second-hand electric scooters.

Where to Buy Used Mobility Scooters

Look local: Start your search in your own hometown. You’ll save time and money because you can check out the mobility scooters for sale in person, and when you find one you like, you won’t have to worry about paying for shipping or handling.

  1. Check with your local thrift stores and charitable organizations to see if anyone has donated a used power scooter.
  2. Remember to check at mobility scooter sales locations or with merchants who carry assistive technologies supplies.
  3. Read the classified ads in your local newspaper as well as the ads on Craigslist. New listings and new donations happen every day at sources like these, so you never know when you may discover a bargain buy just waiting for you.

Shop Online for Used Power Scooters

In addition to checking out the possibilities in your local area, you may want to do some online searches to give you a bigger pool of potential sources from which to choose. If you do a Google search for ‘buy used mobility scooters’ or ‘find used mobility scooters,’ you’ll probably uncover quite a few sources to get you started.

Remember to check out eBay, as mentioned earlier, as well as these online vendors:

  • American Wheelchairs: Buy used or demo model mobility equipment from American Wheelchair (
  • Bradford Medical Supply: Bradford Medical Supply ( features a nice range of used mobility equipment.
  • The Mobility Market USA: The folks at The Mobility Market USA ( bring together buyers and sellers of pre-owned mobility aids. Be sure to read their guidelines and make sure you understand how the buying and selling is handled before you make a purchase.
  • Nationwide Mobility: Nationwide Mobility buys and sells used mobility equipment, and used mobility scooters are available for sale nationally according to their website (
  • Scooter Link: Browse a selection of used power chairs from top brand Pride when you shop online with Scooter Link (

Should You Buy From Private Individuals?

While you are conducting your search for a pre-owned scooter, you may discover someone who had an electric scooter but no longer needs it and has it for sale. These can be a good bargain as long as you are careful.

Inspect the scooter personally and make sure that it is in good working order. Ask for documentation that will show you how old the equipment is and any maintenance or repairs that have been done. Research online or with scooter stores to make sure that parts, batteries and other supplies and accessories are readily available and affordably priced. Do some price comparisons of comparable models to be sure you are not over paying.

Of course, you’ll want to take these same precautions with any used mobility scooters you are considering for purchase to make sure that you don’t make an expensive buying mistake. Take your time, check out all your options, and then make an informed buying decision.

Image by Phasmatisnox under CC-BY-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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Used Mobility Scooters, Seekyt
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