Useful Tips for the Users of PlayStation 3

The newly introduced big 2.41 firmware update by Sony has transformed PlayStation 3 (PS3) as a gaming platform. Undoubtedly, it has brought along many changes in the gaming console. To make you more familiar with what is new, some new tips and tricks for the users of PlayStation are given bellow.

Tips and Tricks for PlayStation 3 Users

1. Save files from the web

You might have used your PS3 to save files like videos, music and photos. But not just you can save files by copying the data into your console but you can directly save files from the Web also. Whenever, you come across an interesting MP3 or video, you can directly save the files into your console. Just click on the link while pressing the ‘X’ button and your PS3 will automatically allow you to save the MP3 in the music folder; similarly you can directly copy web video files into the video folder of your console, provided the PS3 recognizes the video format. For copying images directly from the web, you need to bring the pointer over your targeted picture, then press the ‘Triangle’ button of your Play Station 3, select the File and then ‘Save Image.’ The file will get saved in the photo folder.

2. Turn DVD content into HD Content

Do you know that your PS3 is the finest and one of the best DVD players available in the current market? When you use your old DVD to run a movie in your HD screen, the content might get splashed across the HD screen and look awful. Instead, use your attractive black console as the DVD player because its high processing capabilities can polish the media content to HD quality to a greater extent.

Doing this is simple, just chose to watch the DVD through an HD display. Then press the ‘Triangle’ button; choose ‘AV Settings’ button, select the ‘perform a full upscale on DVD content’ option. You can also run the DVD with frame and can also block noise reduction. There are many options under AV settings to tweak with.

3. Visualizations

Do you know about the impressive in-built feature called the Gaia visualization? This feature or option is available when you play music on your console. Through this visualization, you can get the high definition 3D representation of the Earth as the background image while the music plays on. This representation of the Earth is based on NASA’s Blue Marble photography and it looks very stunning. There are various visualizations to choose from. You simply need to hit the Square button while you play your MP3 or CD. However, Gaia visualization better suits soft music rather than dance items or heavy rock music.

4. Set Up a Media Server

At the end of the day, you prefer to use your Play Station 3 more as a gaming platform, because saving MP3, video and photos will eat up the space that you could have used to install games. If you have a computer or laptop that is already loaded with your favorite music and video files, why you are saving its duplicate in your gaming console? You need not to do so because you can use your PS3 to play music, run videos and show images that are not even stored in it. This is possible through media streaming across your network.

All you need is to install software with DNLA server capabilities in your computer or laptop. Windows Media Player 11 is one such software. Set the software to share the video music and photo folders. Now, move to your PS3, select the Search for Media Servers option on the XMB. That’s it; your gaming console will automatically connect to your computer to open the gateway for media streaming.

5. Turn PS3 into a PC

Many prefer turning their PS3 into a full-fledged PC because it is a great way to add productivity, flexibility, and media to your sleek black PS3. Have you yet not tried doing this, and then you must as it will make your console all more powerful. Simply go the Settings of Play Station 3, then go to the System Settings menu, and there you’ll get the option to ‘Install Other OS.’
However, before installing the new OS, create back up for the current data stored in the PS3 hard drive, you can use any USB device for this purpose. Now get a CD or DVD of any operating system and install it to your console’s hard drive.

These are just a few tips and tricks, likewise there are many interesting tips that will let you enjoy more interesting features of PS3. There are tips that will allow you to transfer your classic PS1 games to PS3 or will let you access instant messaging and use other webcams other than Sony’s PlayStation Eye. Enhance your gaming experience by learning such new tips.

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