Useful Tips When Buying A Children’s Video Camera

Choosing a Children's Video CameraChildren will really love playing and learning with a kids video camera. In this article I am going to give you some top tips on choosing the right type and model for your child’s age and experience.

Creativity and imagination can be sparked by making movies, involving friends, families, pets and toys. Movie-making is an activity that will develop other skills too, fine motor skills, co-ordination, organization, memory – to name just a few.

Of course, even though very young children, (I am thinking here about the under fives age group) will probably be too young for a video camera. There are many digital cameras designed for this age group which are able to take short videos as well but most children would not be able to master using a camcorder until they are a little older, probably during their early school years.

Top Tips On Getting The Right Camera For Your Child

Choose a model that is easy to operate: Although the picture quality needs to be good, simplicity of operation is vital. If your child is put off by not being able to understand the controls pretty quickly, he may never regain that initial interest. So, look for simple to operate controls with buttons that are big enough for little fingers to manage easily. Look for automated features that will enable him to get started quickly with this engaging new hobby and one with a clear, large LCD display screen (models with flip screens are a nice refinement).

Make sure it can withstand rough play! Children will need to have a camera that is robust and will withstand knocks and more than the occasional drop! On the other hand, you do need to make the decision about whether the child would get most benefit from a model that is really a pretty sophisticated and interactive toy – but a toy, nonetheless, or whether you want to go for a ‘real’ video camera which is simple enough for him to be able to operate without adult supervision.

If you choose the former, you should not expect to get a model with advanced features like a powerful, optical zoom or high resolution output. If you choose the latter, it may include these features but will probably be more difficult for a younger child to get the hang of and will probably be a more expensive option.

Do you want to film indoors as well? In addition, many of the cameras at the cheaper end of the market, will produce better results when filming out of doors. If you feel that this is not going to be a problem, you could get a very inexpensive model. However, if you feel your child is going to want to do a reasonable amount of filming indoors, it would be better to spend a little extra and buy a model which gives better results indoors as this will save a lot of disappointment.

Make sure the camera has enough memory. It is important to ensure that the built in memory is big enough and almost essential to have the facility to insert an SD card to further increase the memory storage capacity. If this isn’t possible, your child will find that he cannot film for long before having to download to a computer which is not too bad when filming at home, but really spoils the fun on trips and outings.

Selecting batteries. Another factor that might severely limit filming time is the quality of the batteries. It is vital to get rechargeable batteries and to buy good quality ones from the start. Although the initial expense is more, you will get that back many times over during the life of the batteries!

What about playback? Another important point to ensure is to choose a model which has the facility to enable playback on the TV so your little movie maker can show off his creation to friends and family on the big screen just like a real film or TV show!

Finally, before you go shopping for a kids digital video camera, make sure you check out some online review sites and get a feel for the type or model which might be most suitable. Some review sites are plainly there just to sell, but good web sites, provide impartial advice and give you the plusses and the negatives of each model they review – it’s the next best thing to a personal recommendation!