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User friendly Laser beam profiler with excellent functionality

In order to display and record the spatial intensity profile of a laser beam, this instrument is highly efficient to capture from a plane traverse to a propagation path to beam. Different kinds of profilers are used to measure different types of laser beams in an effective and best way. Basically laser beam profiler is available to provide measurement in VIS and NIR wavelength that have range from 350 nm to 1100 nm. These equipments are available with CCD camera in order to capture the results of the measurement. Along with USB 3.0 interface, these measuring instruments provide with small pixel dimensions and high pixel count of camera. These equipments are available as higher performance lower cost systems for a number of medical as well as industrial applications.

In addition, the systems are well equipped with software auto shutter control, which decrease the possibility of saturation of laser in the camera. The dynamic range of these equipments is higher up to 15 bits. Furthermore, these profilers are able to perform various measurements functions such as zooming measurement and display, 3D display, Gaussian fitting, centroid identification, beam width measurement and beam comparison. Beam alignment as well as interference fringe spacing is the additional functions that are provided by these equipments in a best possible manner. A system designer can easily predict and plan the laser beam utility by using these profilers. The spatial characteristics of a laser beam are identified by using these instruments.

For quality control and system design processes, the laser beams are used in varied applications such as laser printing, cutting, welding and fiber optics beam coupling. Additionally, they also provide improvement in cutting quality of laser, coupling efficiency, interaction of tissue and in power management. These products are highly appreciated for providing real-time and off-line quantification to the users. They can also be applicable for non-Gaussian beam quantification and diffractive shaped beam measurement. Some users use them as a digital camera for processing and capturing an image. The measurement control of these systems is user friendly and the system supports Windows Vista/7/8.

Apart from the various features of these profilers include flexible rotation center, intensity normalization, intensity distribution histogram, Summary and print for reporting, Averaging of frames, Point-to-point measurement, Pass/Fail setting and alarm, Ellipticity determination, pulsed laser trigger measurement and many more. These equipments are provided with 3D grey scale display along with excellent color contour. Furthermore, you can purchase these highly functional products at very affordable prices for your laser beams. The image saving and loading option is also available with these systems. Moreover, they print both results and panels and save both X and Y data for future use.

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