Users tend to change their mobile after two or more years, says study

Users tend to change their mobile after two or more years, says study


Meanwhile a high percentage of people do when the phone just stops working.


Given the frequency with which the technology market moves, the common thought is that the rotation of smartphones among users is usually moderately high, changing just a manufacturer launches the latest version of its top line. This common -quite prejudice-otherwise he is thrown to ground by a study conducted by the Gallup agency, which shows that most Americans renew your computer when your operator allows it, or when it simply stops function.


Recall that in America there is a figure in which, if you want to have this or that mobile at a discount, you must sign a contract that binds you to any standard telephone company for a period of two years. Following this period, the device becomes fully yours.


This period of time is also the period in which customers often change their terminals with new ones, getting to occur in 51% of cases related to mobile Apple, and 40% on phones that have system operating Android, Forbes published today.

On the other hand, and contrary to the prejudice that we indicated at the beginning of this note, only 2% of respondents said buy equipment just these are marketed, in the case of iOS and Android, while 3% do so in other systems Operating unspecified.


But the number is more surprising is the amount corresponding to the number of users who renew their devices when they stop working, or simply become obsolete. This figure rises to 47% for Apple, 58% in the Google software and 76% in other terminals.


If we take these numbers to Latin American or Spanish-speaking case, what you think would be the result? Or straight, I ask you: How often do you change your phone and how often you think it’s necessary?

By: EsamPim