The primary purpose of a newspaper is to give news. It should give us news about the happenings in the country and in the world. Along with other means of mass media, the newspapers make the individual conscious of the society around him. It makes him think about society country and the world. It creates in him a sense of belonging. The newspaper enables him to follow the trend of activities.

There are many kinds of newspapers. There are daily newspapers which give day to day report of events. There are weeklies, monthlies and quarterlies also. Sometimes they are called magazines and journals. The daily newspapers report local, national and international events.

The newspapers have educative value. Every day they provide knowledge to the reader on many important and interesting topics. They have entertaining value. They contain articles suitable to old people, young people, women and children. Boys are fascinated by the sports columns, the unemployed by the advertisements and a bachelor by the matrimonial columns. Cinema pages engross all. A scholar is drawn to editorials. Further the newspaper can be used as a forum to bring to the notice of the public certain issues of common interest.

Individual parts of newspapers often make up important aspects of a variety of digital collections..Some digital collections use selected newspaper articles to explore historical themes, some have used newspaper photographs or cartoons to provide visual images of particular time periods, others have used advertisements to explore the material culture or economic patterns of a given time. This paper will present an overview of the many uses of newspapers, both in their digitized and traditional forms. In so doing, we hope to make a case for the importance of these sources and also examine the ways in which digitization will expand their use.

The future of newspapers in countries with easy internet access has been widely debated as the industry has faced down soaring newsprint prices, slumping ad sales, the loss of much classified advertising and precipitous drops in circulation. In recent years the number of newspapers slated for closure, bankruptcy or severe cutbacks has risen especially in the United States, where the industry has shed a fifth of its journalists since 2001.

Though the uses of newspaper are many, some persons of vested interests misuse them. They give distorted news and try to influence the public to their advantage. Some papers create panic in the public by publishing sensational news. Some papers tarnish the image of their opponents. In a democracy the newspaper is considered a fourth estate. It is means of moulding public opinion. It is an entertainer, educator, advertiser and guardian of people’s rights.