News Uses Of Plywood for Home Repair

Uses Of Plywood for Home Repair


Plywood is a most versatile building material. It can be used in nearly every step of home building.

Wood is light in weight. It is easily shipped and handled. Wood is also easily worked into various shapes. Wood is easily fastened with nails, staples, bolts, connectors, screws, or glue. Woods advantages are numerous.

Roof Decking and Gable Ends

You can use plywood on your roof decking, where it will add strength and rigidity. Also, your gable ends soffits, where plywood provides a smooth, clean, easy-to-paint surface.

Sub-floors and Underlayment

For your sub-floors and underlayment, plywood makes a firm, smooth base for flooring. For your interior walls, plywood has warmth of real wood in your home.

Durable and Useful

Base for tile, cork, and decorative walls. Plywood is smooth, flat, and durable. Plywood can also be used in built-ins. These can be planned for beauty, convenience, and need.

Walls and Fences

Another wonderful thing about plywood is it can be sheathing, to produce walls that are warm, strong, and rigid. Also fences, windbreaks, and patio screens, that provide privacy and comfort, make plywood a great versatile building material.


For your exteriors, smart and modern plywood can be arranged to fit any home styling. Plywood can also be used in concrete forms, and then be re-used for sheathing.

Plywood consists of glued wood panels made from layers and /or plies of veneer or veneer and wood. the grain of each layer is at an angle, usually a right angle, to the grain of the nearest layer on each side. The grain of the outer plies always runs in the same direction. The outer plies are called faces, and face and back. The center ply is called the core. The ply or plies between the core and the faces are called cross-bands.

Uses Of Plywood for Home Repair
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