Using Avelox Doubles Your Chance of Suffering from Nerve Damage

Avelox is a popular antibiotic drug. This drug, which is highly effective in killing off bad bacteria, also carries a number of severe side effects including permanent nerve damage. If you have taken Avelox, and you have suffered from peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage), keep reading to find out what you can do to seek compensation for the enormous medical bills you are likely incurring.

Studies Showing Increased Risk of Nerve Damage

A study was recently published in the online journal Neurology. This study looked at thousands of individuals that were taking Avelox and what it did to their nervous system. The conclusion was that for those who were new users of the drug, their risk of developing peripheral neuropathy (a type of permanent nerve damage) more than doubled. For those who are not new users of the drug, their risk was increased 84%.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy

The Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) is commonly called the central nervous system. This complex system goes throughout the entire body sending and receiving signals that are then translated in the brain. For instance, when you prick your finger, the signal is transmitted through the PNS to the brain as a painful experience.

Damage to the PNS comes in many different ways. Since the system is so large and complex, those suffering from peripheral neuropathy experience many different symptoms. The symptoms can range from numbness or tingling in the extremities, to a burning sensation (especially while lying down), to total paralysis. The worst part is that there is no cure; the damage is permanent.

Other Severe Side Effects of Avelox

The drug is not limited to just damaging the nervous system. There are studies and reports of those taking Avelox and suffering from tendon rupture, severe liver damage, and even retinal detachment. These dangers were never fully warned when the drug was approved for sale in the United States.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have used Avelox, and you have suffered from any of these symptoms, you may be able to file an Avelox lawsuit. Contact a personal injury lawyer to schedule your free case review and to learn more about how you can collect compensation to cover medical expenses and other damages.