Using Crystals to Practice the Universal Laws

Using crystals to practice the universal laws has been around for thousands of years, and for those of you who may be using the visualization and manifestation programs, I believe you will find this information to be interesting.

I was introduced to crystals by my best friend 35 years ago, but it wasn’t until 7 years ago that I decided to really incorporate them into my life. Especially when my research revealed they could be used to eliminate negative energy from your surroundings. Needless to say I have more than just a few negative family members who love to come over and vent about all their troubles, so I decided to place crystals in every room of my home.

Now there are a lot of crystals out there, and of course I can’t get into details about all of them, so what I’ve listed below is just a small sample of how they can be used. If you are interested in using crystals when practicing any aspect of the universal laws, then I would suggest doing a little research so that you can uncover more ways to use them.

First however, let me give you a little background information about them before we get into how they are used.

The Forming Of Crystals

There are a few ways they can be formed. Some are formed from the magma of the earth’s interior… and some are formed in the volcanic lava streams that reach the earth’s surface.

When molecules and atoms, under tremendous heat, are combined with whatever mineral is available, crystals are formed. When the lava cools slowly large crystals are formed, but when the lava cools rapidly small ones are formed.

No one knows how long it takes for most of them to form, but some think it may take thousands of years. Others say that when the elements are right, they could form in an instant.

Their molecules however, are formed symmetrically that is repeated in the exact same pattern throughout the entire crystal. Because of this, it is believed they radiate energy in a consistent and steady manner.

Cleaning Your Crystals

If you want to continue using crystals for success, then you have to clean them periodically. It has been suggested that one of the easiest ways to wash them is by using clear spring water which is the same as bottled water. Put 1/2 cup of sea salt to 1 cup of spring water.

Soak them for 8 to 24 hours. Then dry in either the sun or moonlight. The length of time they soak and how you dry them depends on the crystal.

Clearing Your Crystals

Crystals also have to be cleared after each use. Clearing your crystals removes any unwanted negative vibrations from previous use. It’s also important to clear them when you first purchase them.

Lots of people may have handled your crystal so you want to remove all the negative energy that passed from them to it. Two of the easiest ways to clear it is by placing it pointed end down in sea salt for 24 hours – depending on the stone. Another way is to pour a bottle of spring water over it and place it in the sun to dry.

Bonding With Your Crystals

Okay, bonding with them is also important. It’s yours now and you want it to be in tune to your mind and your vibration. This is something that should be done with every one you purchase.

Find a quite place, hold it in your hand, close your eyes. Try to feel it with your mind, feel its energy, its texture. Do this for a few minutes then open your eyes. Look at your crystal, notice the color, the shape, the flaws. Become familiar with every part of it.

Doing this helps to create a permanent image of your crystal in your mind. Now you can either program it or wait until later.

Programming Your Crystals

Remember our thoughts are energy and when programming a crystal for success, we’re putting the energy of our feelings and thoughts into the energy pattern of our crystal. They intensify and radiate whatever we give them.

So it’s important to be sure of our intentions when programming them. Make sure you have your intentions in mind before programming.

Hold it in both hands, gaze into it. Breath slow and deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Concentrate on what you want to program into your crystal. As you inhale, visualize the image of what you want and imagine how it feels to have it.

On each exhale, send what you desire into it. Clearly visualize what you want, once you can do this… your intention will be programmed into the crystal. This particular vibration will be stored in it until you replace it with a new intention. Once you’ve programmed it… it will radiate the energy of your intention until you program it for something else.

Smooth Your Irregular Energy Patterns

This is one of the reasons why people believe crystals work so well with us. Our energy pattern is not smooth and regular… but scattered and somewhat erratic, and the symmetrical energy patterns from crystals tend to make ours regular and smooth.

It’s also been said that because of these symmetrical energy patterns, they can be used to quiet the mind that will in turn help us focus on realizing our goals.

Our thoughts vibrate at a high and light rate of frequency… while matter vibrates at a slow and dense frequency. If you could look at the vibrating energy in crystals however, you would see they vibrate at a very high frequency.

You would also discover that they aren’t really matter, but are very subtle vibrations that are said to be attuned to the cosmic force. They are capable of containing, receiving, projecting, refracting, and reflecting light, this is the highest form of energy known in the physical world.

They also have a way of unblocking psychic and physical energy. You can use them to find clarity in your intentions, to focus, for mediation and spiritual enlightenment.

The Golden Stones

Can you see the relationship between the Golden Stones and images of golden grain growing in the fields and the sun? Well, this is the reason these stones have been connected with abundance. The golden stones are also related to self-esteem… which helps us know that we deserve abundance and which helps us draw abundance to us.

Citrine Crystal (Acquire and Maintain Wealth)

Use citrine if you need help attracting abundance and pursuing your goals. It motivates you, increases your mind awareness and sharpens your clarity. Its warmth will enhance your strength, self-esteem and personal power.

Since this stone can’t hold negative vibrations it can also be used to get rid of negative frequencies. It is said to help you to acquire and maintain wealth.

Pyrite Crystal (Creative Thinking and New Ideas)

This shiny crystal is also know as “fools gold” because of its resemblance to the metal, and during the great mining days, miners often mistook this crystal for gold. It has very high energy and is said to share that energy with you freely.

Even though it’s used a lot in the practice of feng shui, you can also use Pyrite to stimulate your ideas, which could possibly lead to abundance. It sparks your imagination and creative thinking with new ideas that have the ability to be realized and made manifest into your life.

Tiger’s Eye (Broadens Your Vision)

This crystal is also known as “Cat’s Eye.” It is a powerful stone that can help expand clairvoyance and your inner vision. Tiger’s eye is used to bring good fortune, wealth, openness, candor, and personal power.

Its vibration is very soothing, protective and calming, even in turmoil or stressed situations. It is also used to help you have confidence in your abilities to manifest your dreams by helping you to realize all the resources that are available to you.

This stone represents the ability to manifest. The dark brown relates to the energies of the earth. Which means using your ideas in a practical way to make them real. This stone also has an uncanny type of patience… by choosing when it’s appropriate to take action.

Smoky Quartz Crystal (Dissolves Mental Blockage)

Smoky quartz isn’t really a golden stone, but we’ll put it here simply because of its ability to help manifest your dreams and visions.

This stone is used to boost the energy field and your confidence. It also strengthens your creativity and helps you realize greater insight and knowledge.

If you want to change your life and reach beyond your supposed limitations…then use the power of this stone to help manifest your dreams… get rid of the negative energies that prevent you from creating… and dissolve the mental and emotional blockages surrounding your life.

The Green Stones

The relationship between creativity and the color green is connected because of the ability to have interesting ideas, to plant them and then to harvest them. The color green symbolizes growth, regeneration and new life.

Abundance is also related to growth, and having what you prayed… meditated and worked for creates balance and satisfaction.

Aventurine (Reduces Anxiety and Fears)

This stone is also known as the sunstone or the “stone of opportunity.” Aventurine is suppose to be the luckiest of all the crystals when it comes to manifesting prosperity and good fortune. It’s energy is said to boost your luck, and help improve your chances in any situation, including job promotions or games of chance. It does this by aligning conditions so that those opportunities are unavoidable.

It could also increase your leadership abilities, perception and your creative insight. You can use it to develop your confidence, imagination, reduce stress and improve your prosperity. Many believe that Aventurine has the ability to calm you and bring about inner peace.

It helps to release old habits and disappointments that can get in the way of you moving forward and growing. To experience the energy of this stone, all you have to do is be near it, but why not carry it with you as a necklace or bracelet.

Chrysoprase (Stimulates Creativity)

It is believed that Chrysoprase attracts abundance and helps with success in your new ventures.

People also believe this stone helps in their prosperity by attracting new people and new friends that could possibly support them in achieving their goals and changing their lives.

Anytime you make a decision to change your life… you begin radiating different vibrations.

These vibrations will attract people whose vibrations align with your own. People that may help you succeed.

Emerald (Prosperity and Riches)

This stone is associated with patience, strength, endurance and resilience, and it is believed to preserve faithfulness and love.

This stone is the symbol of hope and is said to bring wisdom, tranquility and abundance.

It also strengthens your insight and perception which can help you notice opportunities that might have gone un-noticed.

It also strengthens creativity… making you aware of the ability you have to fulfill your potential. Use this stone for prophecy and clairvoyance.

Green Calcite (Releases Limiting Beliefs)

You can use this crystal for grounding and centering. It helps bring stability and increases your success and your prosperity. People say it’s an excellent stone for manifestation.

And because it’s an excellent amplifier and can cleanse a variety of energies… many use it to double and increase the power of their money and opportunities.

It is also thought to be a money magnet and some even call it a prosperity stone. Either way, it is said to return to you, two-fold on anything you give out. It literally draws prosperity and wealth to your front door.

Apparently it has the ability to develop increase in all areas. The belief is that green calcite can enhance our intuition and our psychic abilities.


This is by no means all of the crystals you can use for success. Will they work for you? Truthfully that is a question I can’t answer. I can only tell you that they work for me when it comes to focus, clarity and providing a calm environment.

If you decide to use them as part of your life improvement process… my suggestion would be to do more research, because as I stated above, this only touches on some of the high points… not ALL of them. You can start by reading some of the books written by Judy Hall and Hibiscus Moon. I believe these will get you off to a good start.