Using Demotivation as a Weapon

Demotivation occurs when a person who has an interest, may be commited, in short Motivated, is manipulated into making that 180o turn.

When one is demotivated they take no part, they really don’t care and it is nearly impossible to encourage them to participate.

Imagine joining a club, being so excited, wanting to do this and that, never missing a meeting, and then someone is elected to an office and changs the club around so that it isn’t the same. Unless something is done to keep you there, you will soon drop out. And it will be almost impossible to get you back.

That is the power of demotivation.

Many parents are quite alert when they send their child to school to insure that no one and nothing demotivates them from learning. Even a small thing might be found so offensive by the child that s/he no longer wants to go to school, no longer wants to study.

In political organisations demotivating a segment who will simply cease to attend meetings is a cheap way to get a consensus. One must be alert, that the people who are ‘chased’ may never return and may form their own organisation.

Many religious institutions demotivate their members. Special effort must be made to ‘hook’ that young person not to make them feel worse about themselves. Too often the ‘Super Holies’ will make that young or new member feel unwanted or inferior, and they are through the gate.

In business, when one wants to get ahead, the trick is to demotivate one’s rivals. Get everyone else to shrug and take the Boss for an idiot while sucking up.

Once you get your rivals to think the boss is an idiot they stop doing that bit extra. So you get promoted.

There is something almost ‘genetic’ about demotivation. Once it is activated it is almost impossible to turn it off, to get to indifference, and surely not to re enter with verver.