Using Hootsuite For Social Media

If you are in to social media and haven’t tried out a program online called Hootsuite I would highly recommend it for any user that is doing social media. The program is great you can schedule out all your tweets and Facebook posts for the day with a click of a button.

There are somethings that you may want to know and that is how to set up an account, now setting up an account all you need is a valid e-mail. Now with the video below it shows you the beginner sets to getting a your hoot suite ready to rock.

I have used many different social media tools in my social media carrer and none of them preform like this one. I have been doing social media promotions for 7 years now and I love hootsuite it makes your life 100% easier all you have to do is grab the link you want and write a sentence or two and there you have a tweet or a post.

Hootsuite has made the world of social media, a lot easier and you don’t have to sit on Facebook or Twitter all day if you don’t have to. If you want to go to bed at 12 AM and have a post for 3AM you just have to schedule with Hootsuite, its that simple and easy.

You can buy the preium version of Hootsuite and make unlimited accounts with it, or stick with the free account and have 5 accounts with Hootsuite, thats the one I have and I use it every day for posting my online content, I probably going to use Hootsuite for this article. Hootsuite just added Google Plus to its networks so you don’t have to be lost on Google Plus anymore.

Every social media expert or specialist should have a program to schedule post and tweets and Hootsuite is the program that most experts will tell you that works for them try out Hootsuite right now if you haven’t before!