Using Lemons Around Your Home

Yes, you can use lemons for personal use and cleaning! Of course cleaning with fresh lemons gives you the same effects without using products containing a lot of harmful chemicals.

One thing to remember when using this process to clean your home, is to use fresh lemons for the best results in fragrance and cleansing.

More Alkaline In Your Body

Fresh lemons are ‘anionic.’ In fact, calcium and lemons are the only items considered to be anionic. When your body reacts to this during digestion, it creates more alkalinity.

Ease Poison Ivy

Pouring lemon juice over the area that is affected is suppose to stop the rash and sooth the itching.


Need To Write In Invisible Ink

A cotton swab or any other object that will hold the lemon juice can be used as a pen. Write a message on a piece of white paper. When the writing dries and hold the paper over a light bulb until the writing shows up brown.

Stop Dog Barking

When your dog is barking and won’t stop, squirt a few drops of lemon juice in his mouth, and give the command ‘quiet.’ This is suppose to train him not to bark.

Clean Ink Spots On Clothes

This has to be done while the ink is still wet. Pour lemon juice over the ink spot, then wash the item in cold water.

Use For Blemishes On Your Face

Just pat the blemish with lemon juice a few times a day, and this will clear the blemish.

Cure For Dandruff

Pour one tablespoon lemon juice over your hair, then shampoo and rinse. Then mix two tablespoons lemon juice in two cups of water and rinse again with this. Use this method every two days until your dandruff is gone.


Get Rid Of Blackheads

Before going to bed, dab the blackheads with lemon juice. The next morning, wash your face with cool water. Do this every night until you see improvement.

Use To Stop Bleeding

Just rub a few drops of lemon oil onto the area that is bleeding. It can be used on bleeding wounds, cuts or bleeding gums. Notice on this I said lemon oil, not lemon juice.


Clean Stainless Steel And Brass

Use enough lemon juice and salt to make a paste. Then rub any item made from stainless steel, brass or copper until they are clean and shining. Then rinse and dry. Good for your sink, copper pots and pans, etc.

Blond Highlights In Your Hair

Mix 1/4 cup of lemon juice to 3/4 cups of water, then rinse your hair with the mixture. Just a note to say that this method may work on some hair types, but not all, and don’t use this method too often or it may cause your hair to become brittle.


Remove Odors From Your Humidifier

Just mix four teaspoons of lemon juice to the water in the humidifier.

Whiten Your Fingernails

Soak your fingernails in a cup of lemon juice for about ten minutes. Make a mixture of four tablespoons of white vinegar and four tablespoons of water. Brush your fingernails with this, then rinse. This will whiten and strengthen your nails.


Remove Stains From Your Hands

If you happen to get any type of berry or fruit stains on your hands that won’t seem to come off, try rinsing your hands with lemon juice.

Clean And Freshen Your Garbage Disposal

Cut a lemon in half and run through your garbage disposal with cool water.


This concludes the article. Remember that even though lemons do contain acid, when you digest them, they become more alkaline.