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Using NFC Reader with Android Phone

Near-field communication or NFC is a technology that enables in establishing communication between devices. Android phones are enabled with this application along with many other Android applications. NFC provides various functions, but you might still not be aware that you can also power up your PC with it. Learning the steps involved will help you work with Android OS and NFC.
NFC is all about data connectivity used for quick command to establish communication with another Android device. Things like Google Wallet, file transfer, and Tasker profile trigger are some of the essential functions the application performs. However, you can utilize it to transform your Android Smartphone into turning on the PC.


• An Android device with NFC technology

• A Windows PC

• One NFC tag (Available on Amazon and other online retailers)

Step 1

• First you should ensure that your PC will accept the ‘Wake on LAN’ commands

• Go to Control Panel-> View Network Status and Tasks

• Go to ‘Change adapter settings’

• Right click on Primary Internet Connection-> Properties

• Click Configure-> Advanced tab, and ensure that the option of ‘Wake on magic packet’ is turned on

Step 2

Now that your computer is ready for the next level, you just need to work with further configuration. Android set up for responding to the relevant command is still required.

• Press and hold down the keys of ‘Windows + R’ to launch the Run dialog

• When the run dialog box appears type ‘cmd’ and hit Ok

• The window of Command Prompt appears where you need to type ‘ipconfig /all’ and press Enter

• A list will appear from which you need to look for the ‘Ethernet Adapter’

• The values for Subnet Mask, Physical Address, and IPV4 Address will appear, note these down

Step 3

Now you need to take few more steps to installing Android applications on your device to move further. You need to download and install Tasker that is available for $2.99. However, you can opt for the 7-day trial version of this app that is available for Android OS. Ensure that the option of ‘Unknown Sources’ is turned on prior to installing the app.

• Install Trigger to enable reading your NFC tag

• Install ‘Wake On Lan Wan’ app for executing the command that will power on the PC

Step 4

Now you need to configure the app that will wake up your PC.

• Go to WoL or Wake On Lan

• Tap the option of ‘Add New’ and enter Home to give it a name

• Fill up the information related to Subnet Mask, Physical Address and IPV4 Address in the option of MAC, the IP or the domain

• Check the box for the option of ‘Send as Broadcast’ and enter the figures for Subnet Mask, and then tap Save

Step 5

• Go to the Tasker and tap the Menu Button-> Preferences-> Misc tab-> Allow External Access

• Go back to Tasker, and tap + sign to add a new task, name it Wake and then checkmark against it

• Tap the icon that looks like the pencil-shaped icon, it is the edit button

• Select Home WoL

Now all the steps are finished, head back to Tasker.

Step 6

Now you need to establish connectivity or connection to the NFC tag.

• Open the Trigger app, and then tap the ‘+’ button at the top of the screen two times.

• Select NFC, tap Next and Done to apply changes

• Tap the symbol of ‘+’ and select Tasker Task, and then tap Next

• A pop-up window will appear, tap the icon of magnifying glass, and then select the option of Wake

• Click the option of ‘Add to Task’

• Write the task on the NFC tag, keep your phone in its range, and then tap ‘Done’ to complete the process

Step 7

Now that everything is in place, you should be able to turn on your PC. Just put your phone down on the NFC tag. However, you might need to unlock your device to enable task trigger.

It is possible that you might experience trouble with tasks that you have created. If it happens, then you need to use the BIOS settings to set it right.

• Reboot the system and keep pressing the Delete, F8, F2 or F10 function keys.

• Ensure that ‘Wake on LAN’ options is turned on, and then save changes

• Re-apply the steps before Step 7 if and as required.

Now the sticker and the phone is what will work as the power button and you can now easily switch on your PC.

About the Author: Hi! I am Polly M Quinton, a prolific blog writer and keen author of articles related to online tablet support and solution for issues related to computers and mobile devices. Being associated with the reputed best pc tuneup service provider Qresolve, I have resolved thousands of tech issues for our customers from worldwide. online android tablet support My areas of interest are PC security, endpoint security system, router support etc. You can follow me for my useful tablet support articles on Ezine and other article-oriented websites.

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