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Using Online Videos to keep your Brand Current

Anyone who has been paying attention to advertising trends can tell you – video is a new medium. In fact, nine out of ten advertising executives report that video advertising is more effective than display ads. The data is there to back it up, too. Pointroll’s 2013 benchmark report shows that 30-second interactive videos were the best-performing advertisements of 2013. The market for online video advertising is growing faster than TV, search ads, display ads and most other types of advertisements (except for mobile ads, which can itself incorporate video). Already, online video accounts for over 50% of Australia’s mobile traffic. With billions of unique visits to sites like YouTube each month, there are a lot of potential customers to be reached through video advertisement. By using clever targeting, video advertisements can bring great value to businesses of all sizes. Especially small businesses can harness videos to strengthen their brand in a cost-effective way.

Especially with sites like YouTube, which roll advertisements before videos, you can be sure that a significantly higher portion of users will see your ad. On company websites, more than 60% of visitors watch video content before they read any content on the webpage. The increased visibility is the first important benefit of video advertisement, but what the ad does with that visibility determines the success of the ad. There are a number of important factors that, combined, can make or break your ad. These factors can be split into two main categories, namely production quality and content quality.

Production quality – Image quality, animation, audio and production value are, from a technical side, critically important to the reception of the video ad. Without adhering with current standards of quality in production, your ad (and as a result, your brand) will feel outdated and irrelevant.

Content quality – Beyond the purely technical aspects of the video, there are strategic content considerations. If the ad has too much of a commercial aesthetic, users will ignore the ad immediately. If the ad presents users with too much information, they will not be able to digest any of it. It’s important to provide the viewer with a bit of visual entertainment, which will keep them interested in watching the ad entirely. Video entertainment can take the form of interesting or beautiful pictures, eye-catching (but not gaudy) colours and animations, light-hearted, feel-good music, etc. For a popular and successful example, see Apple’s long history of video advertisements.

Although companies like Apple have achieved great success with these simple advertisements, the planning behind each frame is anything but simple. Most small and medium-sized businesses do not have the resources to produce this quality of advertisement in-house. Fortunately, advertising and production companies have been keeping up with the rise in online video advertising. Video production companies like 2gether Studios specialise in creating online videos, either for company websites or as an advertisement. These videos can be custom designed and tailored for any business and target audience.

To keep up with both technical and content quality, it’s advisable to employ a video production company to create both company videos and online video advertising. Beyond creating a high quality and effective video, these companies can also offer consulting in terms of where and when to place the video for maximum exposure and results. Every forward-looking business should be looking to incorporate online video into its advertising campaign. Those who are successful in this medium will find themselves reaching more potential customers for a smaller investment for years to come.

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