Using The Best Chain Saw Sharpener For Good Forestry Cutting Progress

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You are in the forest happily cuuting down trees with your chainsaw and you notice that you are having to work harder to cut the wood. It is not feeding in as well as when you started working with the chainsaw. Could be there is more sawdust there, instead of the large sized chips you should be seeing. So yes it is time to sharpen that chain or at least check it. It could be other factors such as chain tension. Better to look at everything to make sure the chainsaw works correctly.

So What Chain Saw Sharpener Is It Best To Purchase

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You can work with a file and sharpen the saw manually, by hand. In the forest with no electric power, that maybe the only choice. It would be preferable to use an electric chain saw sharpener. There are many cutter links on a long chain to be dressed to the right angle and to the perfect size. All of the cutters need to be cut to the same size. Start with the one that is most damaged.

How To Get a Machined Precision Cut On The Blades

Buy a compact saw sharpener grinder to get the professional machined finish on cutter blades while the chain is still on the chain saw. There are also sharpeners that work with the chain taken off the saw. Have a good inspection of the chain before sharpening it. Do you see any loose or damaged cutters or tie straps, see if the links are bent or burred. A servicing dealer will be able to change broken part for you. If the damage is extensive then you will have to purchase a new chain.

Sharpening The Chain Time

If damage is present on the chrome surface of top plates or side plates, cut back until such damage is removed. Get one side of the chain sharpened first then turn it around for the cutters on the other side. This is because the cutters alternate the cutting with each cutter, left then right and the left again. Chains have different pitches, so make sure you have the chain saw blade sharpener set correctly for the specific chain.

Look After The Blade From New

Soak the chain in oil before using, or run the chain saw at half throttle for a few minutes to allow oil to reach all parts of the bar and chain. Allow the chain to cool down after use before you set the tension to what it says in the manual. Just light cutting to start with. Don’t apply heavy pressure and have extra oil on the bar and chain for those first cuts. In the first thirty minutes or so check the chain tension more frequently.

Taking care of the chainsaw sharpening tool

The oregon chainsaw chain sharpener should not be used for grinding other objects, you will end up with a bad sharpening of your chain next time you use it. When you buy your sharpener it is a good idea to buy a spare cutting grinder disk to go with it.

In the workshop or on the buildings you might want to choose a bosch miter saw

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Using The Best Chain Saw Sharpener For Good Forestry Cutting Progress, Seekyt
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