Using turmeric for acne treatment

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What is turmeric? Turmeric or in Latin curcuma domestica is a herb that thrives in south Asia regions. What are uses of turmeric you might need to know?

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Obviously most people use turmeric as a spice adding more flavor and attractive natural color the meal , and in some traditional Asian recipes using turmeric to add more yellow color to the dishes.

Turmeric has curcumin, which has an anti-inflammatory property as well as helps to heal minor wounds allowing them to dry up in short period and prevent from any possible infections.

With air pollution, eating habit, as well as stress, all those factors determine your state of healthiness in the overall while also affecting your skin condition. Skin aging and acne are few from those problems we are facing today.

Some make up products if used extensively might also damage your face, and at some points may contribute to acne. As you already know, there are some better alternatives to get smoother and more beautiful skin that sometimes will cost you less if you know where to find it and how to use it effectively.

Turmeric for acne problem, the safer and more natural way of treatment

At least most of us must have encountered acne problem before. What is acne? When bacteria trapped inside the pores of your skin with the addition of dirt then it is when the acne grows. So what you should do with turmeric to treat acne or other skin conditions?

There are two different ways of using turmeric to support your skin health. First of all is to drink it on a regular basis, secondly to apply directly to skin surface. Therefore, you get to repair any skin damage or problem from both inside and outside and hopefully you will be able to get faster results.

You can use turmeric powder with hot milk, you might want to add a teaspoon of sugar and drink on the daily basis. You might not see the result instantly.

However, you will notice the difference within a week, and you may continue as long as you like since turmeric are a natural and healthy ingredient that have been use for centuries.

Simple turmeric facemask creation

You can create turmeric paste and apply on your face, leave it for about 15 minutes while rubbing it gently and wash thoroughly. Just like the drink version, you can use turmeric face mask on regular basis and get a smoother healthier skin immediately.

If you have dry skin, you can mix your turmeric facemask paste with saffron and skin moisturizer preferably the milk base moisturizer.

However despite of beneficial properties that turmeric offer for your skin, you may need to watch closely how it improve your skin condition, because some people may have sensitive issue when using certain herbs such as turmeric on their skin.

Anyway, the allergic issue caused by turmeric is relatively rare, and you should not too much to worry about it. Nevertheless, turmeric will make your face look brighter and moist. Just like any other herbs in this world, turmeric also offers so many other health benefits that you may need to know about.

Other benefits of turmeric

  • Prevent heart attack – curcumin the yellow pigment in turmeric often used in cooking for some Indian dishes to add more appetizing and interesting color to the food. This curcumin pigment also known to reduce inflammation in many diseases, which include the heart disease.
  • Reduce pigmentation on skin – when you are exposing to sunlight, there is a chance that your skin will undergo pigmentation, in this case using turmeric will also help to cut down the process.
  • Prevent skin aging – the antioxidant in turmeric is the primary reason for delaying the aging process on your skin.
  • Reducing stretch marks – turmeric can ease stretch marks to certain extent and help your skin to be more flexible.
  • Treat other skin diseases – red rash, chicken pox marks, eczema and psoriasis
  • Heal bruises and wound – turmeric can accelerate healing process for small wounds and bruises, especially in children.

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