Using Wholesale Canning Jars for Candle Making

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Candle making has been around for hundreds of years and to this day remains a very popular activity. It can quickly grow from a simple hobby to small business in no time if you choose to take that route. One of the more popular types of candles made by hobbyist and professionals alike is made from canning jars. The reason jar container candles are so popular is the many benefits they have for everyone. They are great for the candle maker because they are cheap, easy to fill, and store. And they are great for people that purchase them for basically the same reasons they are cheap, easy to use, and last forever. If you are into candle making either as a hobby or as a profession you have more than likely made many of these canning jar candles. If you are planning to make more and want to find them at the cheapest prices around you should really consider buying wholesale canning jars from wholesale supplier. Keep reading to find out more.

Where to Buy Wholesale Canning Jars for Candle Making

Buying wholesale canning jars for candle making only makes economical since. Being that the cheaper you can make your candles the more money you can make when you sell them. So where do you go to get these jars at wholesale prices? There are lots of places but most are not much cheaper if any than going to Wal-Mart or some other retailer. There are but a few place that you can go that actually give you wholesale prices and those places are Fillmore, Richards, and Dollar There are others but for the most part they all carry the same types of jars at the same prices. Fillmore Container is probably the where you want to concentrate most of your efforts. They have about the largest selection with the cheapest prices especially if you are buying by the skid.

There is one other option you have but it requires a bit of team effort. If you can find several people or small businesses that need a large quantity of jars but not enough to warrant a significant discount you can all pool your money together contact a manufacturer and get true wholesale prices. Of course finding enough people that you feel trust worthy enough to do business with will be the difficult part but it all depends how bad you want to save. Looking on different types of online forums for gardening or small business would probably be your best bet at finding these like minded people. You may also look in the phone book for other local business that might use wholesale canning jars. That way you are in closer vicinity which will keep shipping costs down for everyone involved.

Finding and using wholesale canning jars for candle making can greatly reduce your upfront costs and if you so choose your customers cost too. Hopefully this article has given you some good places to begin looking and helpful tips that you can take advantage of.


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Using Wholesale Canning Jars for Candle Making, Seekyt
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