Utilizing Charities That Pick Up Donations – Donating Items You Don't Use Is Easy!

When it comes to donating non-traditional items like furniture, appliances, or even vehicles, utilizing charities that pick up donations makes donating these items easy. Not only do you get the benefit of getting rid of items that you no longer use to their full potential and the financial gain of the tax credit you receive for the value of the assets you are donating, but you also get the convenience of having someone pick up the items and haul them away when you utilize charities that pick up donations. So what kind of charities are out there that you can contact to get rid of that bulky couch you just don’t use any more?

Donation Town

Donation Town is a great organization because it connects charities that pick up donations with individuals who have donations that need to be picked up. Donation Town doesn’t charge the charity or the donator for anything, nor do they accept donations for their services. The best part about Donation Town is that whether you have furniture, televisions, appliances, clothing, books, or even unique items like a wedding dress, they can connect you with local charities that pick up donations that will pick up your items designated to donate on an appointment schedule that you set.

Charities That Pick Up Donations: Vietnam Veterans of America

When it comes to charities that pick up donations, none is larger that the Vietnam Veterans of America. They are an organization that is dedicated to helping America’s veterans in whatever need or circumstance they might have. For some veterans this means they just need assistance making their VA claim. For others this might mean needing to find access to mental health services. And for some veterans and their families, this means needing furniture, appliances, or other household items. Donating to the Vietnam Veterans of America is easy – simply visit their website, put in your zip code, and their big white truck comes to your door on an appointment schedule that works for you.

Charities That Pick Up Donations: Salvation Army

Maybe one of the best known charities that pick up donations, the Salvation Army utilized your donated home goods for their adult rehabilitation centers. Not only do they have easy pickup at your door for your donated items, the Salvation Army also offers an asset value guide on their website so that you can easily know just how much of a cash value you can assign to your donation for your taxes for that year. The best part though about a donation to Salvation Army’s adult rehabilitation program is that what you donate helps people be able to turn their lives around.

When it comes to utilizing charities that pick up donations, remember that it costs the charities something to come and pick up your items for you, so do them a favor and make sure that your donations are in good condition and useable so that the charity can maximize your donation’s value.