News Utilizing Online Charity Auctions - Find Unique Ways to...

Utilizing Online Charity Auctions – Find Unique Ways to Support Causes You Love


When it comes to unique ways to support your favorite charity or cause, one of the most unique ways is through online charity auctions. Online charity auctions are great because it allows for profit organizations to advertise and offer great promotional products, allows for charities to bank some big donations through a traditional auctioning process or through silent auctions, and allows for donators to get some great items at some great prices. You can find many local auctions running once or twice a year, but there are also some great national sites running online charity auctions all the time. What sites are they?

BiddingForGood Gives Online Charity Auctions Some Buzz

Utilizing Online Charity Auctions – Find Unique Ways to Support Causes You Love

Providing top of the line technology and the ability to raise money even before a charity’s auction begins, BiddingForGood has been able to raise almost $150 million over the past 5 years for their customers in online charity auctions. With items up for bid around the clock and superiorly unique items like luxurious vacation stays, autographed memorabilia, and VIP experiences to concerts and sporting events not offered to the general public, you can get a great deal on a great item and still be able to support a great cause.

Charitybuzz Brings Top Online Charity Auctions to Your Living Room

Utilizing Online Charity Auctions – Find Unique Ways to Support Causes You Love

Maybe you’d like to vista the set of your favorite show. Or maybe you’d like to have lunch with your favorite actor or actress. Or maybe you would like to own a celebrity gown that was seen nationally on the red carpet on the shoulders of an Academy Award winner. These are all things you can bid on at, where you can get high class items for sweetly affordable prices. When you think of Charitybuzz, you’d better be thinking of superiorly unique items that help support charities that help people in severe need. And with top notch customer service that helps coordinate how you get to the events you’ve won or receive the products you’ve purchased, you can rest assured that placing a bid on their site will give you top notch results.

CharityFolks Helps Average Folks When Awesome Online Charity Auctions

Utilizing Online Charity Auctions – Find Unique Ways to Support Causes You Love

Though they might not have the reputation of their two predecessors, still offers tremendous value with unique auctions that you can often get for under $500. Maybe you want an autographed script of your favorite show. Maybe you want a walk-on role on your favorite show. Or maybe you just want to go walking in Memphis with Marc Cohn. These things can all be yours by bidding on online charity auctions at CharityFolks. If you’re not in the mood to sit around and wait for an auction to complete itself, CharityFolks also offers a Buy It Now option so that you can get that unique gift for an individual that also gives back.

When it comes to donating your money to charity, nothing beats getting some value in return for those dollars and online charity auctions definitely provide that. Whatever your dream online charity auctions may be, these sites and others like them are sure to offer you a great value on whatever it is you desire.

Utilizing Online Charity Auctions – Find Unique Ways to Support Causes You Love
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