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With all the light in the world and all the colors on bodies, the concept of light and dark can get a little mixed up, and it can actually be fun to mix them up. Tattoo ideas, just like any other type of art like interior decoration or t-shirt designs, are going the opposite way of conventional light methods. The use of blacklight is a rage in the method of tattoo making, and people from all over the world are opting for UV tattoos or better known as blacklight tattoos. If you have visited a Spencer’s store for the gifts, you would know what exactly I am talking about. The inspiration for UV tattoos is not much different than that of the decoration items you find at the blacklight corner of a Spencer’s. The UV items, or even the UV ink for that matter, give out ultraviolet radiating rays. So, when the light is turned off, they glow. Just as the gift items of this kind look different from the ordinary ones, the UV tattoos look different from ordinary tattoos as well.

Blacklight or UV tattoos are not completely glowing in the dark. You can get them with a combination of normal ink in some parts and the UV ink in the other parts. There have been designs popularized where some parts of the tattoo are drawn with plain tattoo ink while some special sign or design is drawn with the blacklight ink. If done so, the design drawn with UV ink will glow in the dark and the message you want to send will be clear in the party room.

The development of UV tattoos has been a gradual one. During the initial years of its introduction, tattoo artists were not much confident about using the UV ink for it was not much good to be drawn with, and also because quite a few customers complained about skin problems from the ink. However, with the coming of the new age inks like the BMX, these troubles have been permanently solved. These days, you can find inks which are either faintly visible under normal light or even completely invisible. In such cases, the UV tattoos will be visible only in the dark, just as you would want them to be. Added to this, if you want your tattoo to be there all the time, whether in light or dark, you can opt for such special color ink as well. These ink types give you UV tattoos which are not just glowing in the dark, but also make their presence felt even in the light.

As for the cost of getting blacklight tattoos, sure they cost for than your ordinary tattoos. But the little increase in price has not made any difference to those who love the feeling of having something extraordinary with them. A blacklight tattoo is that one thing that can completely show the real you. You can be the nice sweet person as your neighbors would prefer you to be, and then you can reveal your wild side with a tattoo that only shows itself in the dark. So, it is always worth the money to get a good blacklight tattoo. Even though tattoo centers have sometimes opted out of the UV tattoo option due to the price, people still find places where they can get these tattoos inked.

While you get the tattoo done, it is advised that your tattoo artist keeps a blacklight to see once in a while whether the design is getting done as you would want it to be. As there are ink options which are faint or even invisible, checking the status of the tattoo while the work is still in progress is a good idea while making an UV tattoo.

While choosing the design for such tattoos, you can get as experimental as you want. If you are choosing an ink that remains invisible in the daylight, you can go for any design at all. Your family may be conservative, but they will not be able to see the tattoo. So, in such cases, patterns like fallen angles, devils, vampire fangs and such other designs which are usually not preferred in the case of ordinary tattoo can be tried when it is a blacklight tattoo. If you want to have the double benefit of grabbing attention during day as well as night, you could choose a combination of ordinary ink with UV ink. The part of the design that you want to be shown in light can be done in general tattoo ink, while the other part can be done in invisible UV ink.

The health concerns with UV tattoos remain to a little extent even today. Though FDA has not yet approved it as a safe thing for the skin, people do not seem to allow that to stop them from going fashionable. As is said about any type of tattoo making, even UV tattoos need to be created by somebody who is experienced. More in the case of these blacklight tattoos you have to take care of the quality of the tattoo parlor and the credentials of the tattoo artist, for UV tattoos are a sensitive issue with your skin involved. Whatever the design, and whatever the combination of ink that you may choose, it is always advised that you choose a safe tattoo parlor.

Tattoos have a history with humans that go back more than a few thousand years. With time, we have developed newer and more advanced forms of making the art of body painting more appealing to the masses. Tattoos are no more a sort of slang or outcast form of expression. With more and more celebrities embracing tattoos on their own bodies, we can see that tattoos are getting accepted and celebrated in the common people’s lives as well. Ordinary or UV tattoos, this form of body art helps in expressing what lies in your heart in a way that is more effective than wearing quote t-shirts or getting strong hair colors.

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