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UV Tattoo Designs

UV tattoos are the tattoos made with special kind of ink to leave special type of effect. These tattoos are called black light tattoos as they are not visible under normal light but become effectively visible under black light. Black light tattoos glow with vibrancy when brought under black light for special purpose. It ranges to various colors from white,blue to purple depending on the ink put on them. UV tattoos are generally popular in party and club culture and not in a professional sector. People love to enjoy flaunting or showing off their tattoos in discos or parties with joyful manner. In 1990s it started to gain the popularity among youths.

UV Tattoo Ink

UV tattoo ink colors are many in numbers and are comparatively thinner according to the manufacturers’ report.There are variety of combination that opens up the options to the customers to choose their favorite colors from the list.

UV Tattoo Designs

UV tattoos can be designed in two ways: firstly the UV tattoo is the complete one to make the whole and the second one is a regular tattoo that makes the outline with UV ink incorporated in it that will be visible under rare occasion. The second design makes use of two tattoo designs. As the UV tattoos are to be exposed on occasions like parties and clubs they need bold use of color.Different types of tattoo designs are seen in UV tattoos to throw fascinating and long lasting and ever-wanted impact. Angel tattoos, small wrist tattoos or large dragon tattoos,tribal tattoos are good options that captivate attention.Sometime simple tattoo patterns get transformed into great designs with mesmerizing definition.

UV Tattoo Cost

UV tattoos are more expensive and costlier than other regular and normal tattoos because the ink used to make these types of tattoos are far thinner in comparison to others.The ink itself is costly that makes the tattoo costlier.

UV Tattoo Artist and Application Process of UV Tattoos

UV tattoo artist should be experienced enough to guide one about the most suitable designsand the proper placements of the tattoos.He should be well trained and patient as the process is a long one and the tattooist has to check the tattoo frequently under the black light.For bright effect of UV tattoos it is suggested to use normal ink at first and application of UV ink should be made followed by the healing of the normal ink.The tattoo artist is supposed to be well-aware of all these tips.

UV Tattoo Risk and Safety Concern

UV tattoos necessitate an experienced tattoo artist who can handle the whole method in a tricky manner and with minute precision.UV tattoo ink is not FDA approved though the Crazy Chameleon Black light ink is said to be safe to use but it is approved only in medical and health sectors and not for tattooing on human bodies. The ink may contain carcinogen that causes allergy. The most health-injurious chemical content that can be present in UV ink is phosphorous that results in blister, pain, itching problem, irritation and burning sensation on skin. UV ink may be allergenic that leads to skin rashes and causes cancer in future.UV tattoos do not come up with guaranteed health safety and always have some risks attached to them. Apart from that another possible reaction is when the tattoos fade away they may turn brown or gray in color and under the normal light become visible as an unpleasant one. Often companies forbid to use the regular tattoo outline and UV tattoo ink simultaneously to avoid complication.Skin loses its natural glow or color due to the application of black light tattoos and often turns pale.

UV tattoos has grown and developed through years of changes and improvements and got popularized in different sectors of life. In many of the cases it has been reported to leave no bad effect or harmful reaction at all. Besides having all the risks associated with it people of modern age have a driving craze for it because of its awesome and extraordinary energetic nature.

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