Vacationing in Banff, Canada

For those of you who don’t know where Banff is, it is located in western Canada, in the province of Alberta. It is about 80 miles west of Calgary, 250 miles southwest of Edmonton and 530 miles east
of Vancouver.

It sits on the edge of the Banff National Park, which makes for the beautiful scenery that can be found in and around this wonderful city. When making your plans check out all the attractions, activities and events that take place there, then plan accordingly.

There are activities and attractions that you can participate in year round. Below is a list detailing just some of the summer, winter and year round activities and events.


The weather is perfect for these activities. The average temperature is between 70º and 72º F, the humidity is low, and the extended daylight means more time to enjoy.

• Hiking
• Camping
• Fishing


When it comes to the activities, a lot of the ones you get to enjoy in the summer, can still be enjoyed in the winter.

• Ice Fishing
• Ice Diving
• Dog Sledding

Hot Springs

You can enjoy a massage in the spa, while the kids are playing in the wading area. Go shopping in the gift shop or get something to eat at the snack bar or indoor cafe.

Carriage Rides

This is a classic tradition, which can be arranged the way you want. Decide where you want to tour, and for how long. They will also pick you up and drop you off where ever you desire.

Gondola Rides

Take in the sights from the air when you ride on the gondolas. The scenery is like nothing you’ve seen before. Be sure to make this part of your experience.

Motorcoach Tours

Taking a guided motorcoach tour or Banff gives you the opportunity to take pleasure in the views that surround you.


Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

The Chateau makes the best place for a romantic getaway, as well as an exciting family vacation.  This experience will make you feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Johnston Canyon

You can stay at the Johnston Canyon Resort where they have beautifully appointed cabins. Some of the activities you will find at Johnston Canyon are… hiking, camping, swimming, bird watching, scuba diving, skiing, climbing and biking.

Columbia Icefield

The glacier is on the boundary of the Jasper National Park and the Banff National Park. It has one of the largest accumulations of snow and ice that is south of the Arctic Circle.

Vacationing in Banff is a dream come true for anyone who lives on flat land, but then it’s a dream come true for anyone.