Valentine Candy and Sweethearts

Sweethearts and valentine candy, valentine candy and sweethearts those two seem to roll off the tongue like melted sweet butter, they go along perfectly with one another any time of course, however, they are especially popular during Valentine’s Day each year.

Here we will take a look at some of the most popular candy treats to give and receive on Valentine’s Day.

imageNecco Conversation Candy Hearts: 32LB Case from


– Necco Brands: Sweethearts Conversation Hearts Candy

Sweethearts Conversation Hearts candy has been around for a very long time, actually since the time of President Lincoln. However, at the time of their beginnings they included a colorful paper with a message rolled up inside the candy that was then shaped like scallop shells; however, they have come in various other shapes such as horseshoes, baseballs, watches and postcards. They are made of flour and sugar. Interestingly, as they evolved, the mottos will change from one year to the next; some mottos are discontinued, while others take a back seat until they are re-established into the mix again. These candy hearts are available in two sizes of ½-inch and ¾-inch; since the larger size offers more room for printing, they often display longer messages.

You can even suggest new mottos for these sweet valentine candies! This could be fun! Imagine your own saying on a sweetheart conversation heart to give to your special someone!

From the NECCO website:

Can I suggest sayings for your Sweethearts® Conversation Hearts?

Each year we add a few new sayings to our Sweethearts. We are happy to accept suggestions for sayings from our consumers. Each saying can be no longer, than two lines of four letters on the small hearts and two lines of six letters on the large motto hearts. You can either e-mail your suggestion or mail it to Sweethearts, NECCO, 135 American Legion Highway, Revere, MA 02151

Please understand that we will not be able to use every submission. Each suggestion becomes property of New England Confectionery Company. As the same idea may be generated by a number of people, both internally and externally, we will not be able to credit any phrase to a specific person.

Ferrara Pan: Red Hot Imperial Cinnamon Valentine Candy Hearts

The centers of Red Hot Cinnamon Valentine Candy Hearts are made of corn syrup and sugar, coloring and flavors. You can see how they make them while viewing their Virtual Tour.

imageCandy Red Hots


Originally, these candies were made for cake and cookie decorations; however, over the years they have become some of the most popular candies, whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, Christmas or any other day. They are cinnamon and they are popping hot!

Valentine chocolates as those found in heart-shaped boxes of decorative colors, patterns and textures are some of the most delightful gifts you can give. All those simple to stunning valentine chocolate boxes trimmed in velvets, laces, silks and flowers.

– Russell Stover Candies

Russell Stover Candies began in 1923; they make some of the best chocolate candy. It is very popular today with many individuals as well as businesses and corporations as gift giving ideas. I have done a search for Valentine candy here so you can see that Russell Stover Candies make heart-shaped boxes as well as some interesting gift baskets.

– Hershey’s Chocolate Candies

Hershey’s chocolate candies have also been around for many years, they began production in 1894 and have been growing in popularity ever since. You can find all sorts of chocolate ideas and recipes while visiting the Hershey chocolate website.

imageBig Plush Hershey’s Kiss Candy Pillow from


Although, chocolate is the most popular type of valentine candy, there are many other types of candy that will bring a fond smile to those you present with valentines presents. For instance, there are all sorts of Valentine hard-candy lollypops that display interesting mottos and sentiments. You can even make your own valentine candy if you are so inclined.

While searching for valentine’s candy this year, you can learn more about the candies mentioned above and you may want to check out some of the handmade candies available to you by searching the internet.

Happy Valentine’s Day to You & Yours!