Valentine Teddy Bears

Teddy bears were just naturally meant to become what they are, long ago and still today, the teddy bear is a symbol of strength, security, comfort, friendship, love and fondness of heart.

imageHartley, The Boyds Valentine’s Day Bear


Since they arrived on the marketplace, they have grown in popularity. They have significantly evolved throughout the years. Naturally, they are one of the first choices for Valentine’s Day.

A deep respect for the life of a baby bear cub back in 1902 by the President of the United States at that time Theodore Roosevelt seems to be the beginnings of the fondness of what we call the teddy bear. This brought about the inspiration of designing the very first teddy bear cartoon by a famous cartoonist and then developed into handmade fabric teddy bears by a man and his wife. The cartoon appeared in a Washington newspaper of the day and the couple made a gift of the teddy bear to Teddy Roosevelt and then received his permission to use his name with their new stuffed bear business.

imageJumbo Sugar Heart Tubs I LOVE YOU Blue Heart Silver Grey Teddy Bear 52in


The arrival of the Teddy Bear on the marketplace was and still is phenomenal. Teddy bears are a beloved friend as well as distinctive and unique collector’s items for many individuals. Generally, teddy bears are a welcome gift for just about anyone and especially children, teens and adults.

Then of course, every teddy deserves their own teddy bear wardrobe, since just about everyone loves to dress their teddy bear. Teddy bears can be boys or girls, you can find various outfits for a stuffed bear toy or collectible. This is most likely one of the reasons why Build-a-Bear Workshop is so very popular today. I have received two such bears as valentine gifts and I can tell you that their products are impressive.

imageCozy Cuddles Soft and Huggable Plush Cream Teddy Bear 38in


The symbolism of the teddy bear of strength, security, comfort, friendship, love and fondness of heart has made it a popular gift idea for many people. One of the first choices for a child is that of the teddy bear, although some places may have their own mascot as hand outs to comfort children in distressful situations. Valentine teddy bear gifts can be anything from valentine cards, storybook characters, valentine candy, stuffed teddy bears, musical bears as well as teddy bear outfits to suit the occasion.

Teddy bears symbolize many things to many people, most do not even consider them the exact same as a real live bear in the wilderness. Most often teddy bear lovers will reminisce of childhood days and being comforted by their best teddy friend. Often females will associate the tenderness and sensitivity they feel from the opposite sex combined with the strength and security they feel while being with a particular male and call them a teddy bear of a man.

One thing is for sure, teddy bears have always been popular and most likely they always will be a popular gift giving item, regardless of the occasion. Valentine teddy bears are just as popular as Christmas Teddy Bears. They are snuggly, cute and a great huggable or displayable gift idea.