Various avenues for Make-up Artists

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‘Show Biz is Big Biz’ is a famous cliché that is well accepted in the world today. These words were uttered by a very successful movie producer even in the sixties or earlier when movies were produced and made in the old-fashioned way. It was a time when movie making was nascent and technology not yet had an iron grip. It was also a time when makeup men would spend hours to come up with the right tone to not just suit the character, but also the actor’s skin tone.
With the advancements in movie making technologies worldwide and a lesser shelf life for movies, things have started to move in the right direction for not just the actors and stars, but also for the full gamut of people involved in the making of any movie.
Out of the hundreds of avenues available these days, there is a stiff competition amongst the people who try their hand at getting into this multi-million dollar industry. One can see hundreds if not thousands of people vying to make it big in the various departments that contribute to the making of a movie that may go on to be a blockbuster or earn the critics award or even get a shot at the ultimate glory of bagging an international award like the Oscar.
However, there seems to be a vortex that many people have been sucked into when considering making a career as a make up artist. Almost all the men and women who dream of being a successful make up artist aim for a singular industry, namely the movies or the daily soap industry.
As a matter of fact, this is not the be all and end all if a wannabe enters the mainstream but doesn’t make it big or even make it in. They then just compromise with whatever comes their way. This gives way to a ton of frustration and ultimately leaves a bad after taste in its wake. What then is the solution to this problem? Read on for the various alternative careers that a person who is confident of making it big by enhancing people’s personalities.
1) These days showbiz is functional even outside the glittering world of movies With the entry of big name companies in the market, one is expected to look good at corporate do’s which keep happening every now and then.

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2) Not only do actors/actresses, but also sports people have a need for making appearances in product launches and brand endorsements to which they are committed as brand ambassadors.

3) These days many colleges have a specific period committed to intra collegiate and inter collegiate events. This is taken quite seriously by the students not just as a venue for scoring their brownie points with their college but also as a stepping stone further down in their career.

4) Wedding season though it comes around once or maximum twice a year, can prove to be a viable source of income for the make up artist once he or she has proven to be an asset that the guests and hosts alike have tasted their wares.

5) In some religions or sects of the society, even funerals have a scope of decking up, albeit in the traditional colours and additionally in shades that can kill two birds (looking good as well as sober) at the same time.

In view of the above, it can be seen that the scope and need for a make up artist has moved from beyond the traditional domains of movie stars and models to all the aspects of a working person’s life. Additionally, make up and grooming are also not just a female oriented domain any more. These days even men’s grooming has attained a wider scope for the make up artist. Thus, it can be seen that the scope for any make up artist can be limited but by the person’s own thinking.

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Various avenues for Make-up Artists, Seekyt
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