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Various Techniques Of Web Design To Create Single Page Websites

A single-page portfolio website helps to showcase the creativity of the designer. This is unconventional because the content of the site is compressed to fit one single page. For the users, it is convenient as they have to navigate through one page to gather the required information. Thus, users do not have to click through different pages or wait for another page to load while glancing through these websites. Traditionally the portfolios have different pages for contact us, about us, and other information so that they can display their skill.Web designers have various unique way of designing the website and handle the navigational issues.

Create tactile websites

A number of techniques of web designing exist for creating and designing single-page websites, but there are few features that you need to consider adding uniqueness to the design. User experience is the most important factor that you need to consider while web designing.There are few techniques of web designing that you need to incorporate in a single-page portfolio website that can help to create tactile websites. Since there has been a surge in the number of mobile users, the designers have also laid emphasis on the interfaces that will be swiped with the touch of the fingertips.

Fixed Block Scrolling

The first method is known as Fixed Block Scrolling that is the content of the single page is broken down into various horizontal blocks. As you glance through the site, each of the sections will be segregated with the use of different background colors and images. In few of the websites designed with this process, as you scroll down the next section will be animated. Use of colors is also effective especially for the mobile users. For this process of designing, you can use a jQuery plug-in for the parallaxscrolling and if required, you can also use JavaScript for the same.

Responsive Web Design

Another form of designing is the Responsive Web Designing, a popular trend in this arena. There are still various researches being conducted regarding the use and effectiveness of the same. Designers are incorporating various innovations in this form of web designing. Responsive websites can fit the size of the screen of any portable device.The entire content is segregated into various horizontal sections in accordance with the width of the browser. Few techniques under this form of designing technique are use of responsive images and collapsible galleries of thumbnail images. The breakpoint dimension is yet another technique that you can incorporate in your site.

Use of animation

You can add charm to the website with the use of effects and animations. A good balance regarding the use of animations you can create a creative and dynamic design. If you are planning to use animation in the website then instead of the animated interfaces, you can use animated images for the site. This animation can be build with the help of jQuery that will run seamlessly even in the portable devices.

Minimalistic approach in designing

Another technique is the use of sliding navigation. Since there no other pages, as you click on the navigation link, you will automatically scroll down the page. The navigation menu can also stay hidden as it will make more space for content in the portable devices. If you do not use a large menu, you can also opt for the smaller one that uses only brief description and small icons. Since the content is accessible on a single-page, you do not require any menu separately. One of the simplest techniques of creating single page website is through minimalism. In this method, the layout of the website is restricted to the bare necessity of the website. You can take out the elements that seem unnecessary for the site.

Author Bio: Daniel Bale is a web designer and he has createdsingle-page portfolio website. He has enlisted the techniques that had used for creating the same.

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