Various Types and Finishes for Business Cards

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Do you want to plan and print more of your business cards? If yes, the usual or the needed dimension of your prints is 90 by 55, although in reality, these things can be always cut to any kind of dimension that you want. These prints are more often than not printed on 310 or 350gsm white paper material. Clients in the world of business believe that there are lots of different colors of paper materials that can printed on, however the 95 percent of these prints are most of the tome printed on plain white paper materials. The looks and feel of these prints is often attained by printing inks and gold or another type of colored background.

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The most usual finish of these business cards that most of you can most of the time see on the world of business is the plastic lamination called as the celloglazing. Most of you will more often than not have the freedom of selecting between matte and the gloss celloglaze. These kind of finishes most of the time provides your prints a strong protection against all the harmful aspects like water and dirt and they are also best for business individuals like you who are always sending out their cards on harsh environment like the market and all other public placed where there are abundance of moisture and dirt. In addition, these types of finishes more often than not do keep your prints much cleaner and any marks can effortlessly wipe out of it. The plastic cards on the other hand also provide your prints enhanced resistance from water and a much nicer feel.

If you are required to write something on the back part of your prints, it is better for you to select the matte celloglaze kind of finish or also known as the sati finish. Most of the paper materials used in printing these cards are more often than not coated with a minimal gloss or satin finish, which can be effortlessly written on the back part of it. Thus, always make sure to avoid making use of the gloss celloglaze kind of finish on the back part of your cards if you want to write something on it. Moreover, if required, you can also make use of the gloss celloglazing finish on the front part of your cards and the matte celloglazing on the back part for your cards to be unique from other cards in the world of business. this kind of procedure will more often than not provide you and your cards the best of both worlds however, it will most of the time cost you an extra expense on your part.

If you want to only make use of the plastic kind of lamination on one part of your business card printing services, always keep in mind that all the paper materials are porous. Thus, it will typically absorb a small amount of water from the atmosphere. If you will make use of the plastic lamination on one side, the side where you have utilized the plastic lamination will be less likely to absorb the water. Because of this, it may more often than not cause your cards to minimally curl. For you to prevent this kind of thing from happening, always bear in mind to keep your prints in their proper cases or boxes as this will lessen the chance of it being exposed to harmful elements.

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Various Types and Finishes for Business Cards, Seekyt
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