Vaser Lipo: The quickest way to get six pack abs thanks to technology

Having a six pack or having more defined pectoral muscles is something that almost all guys dream of. Traditionally they were only achievable through dedication and very hard work – that is through your diet and exercise. But we all know that perfect diet and even strenuous exercises are not enough to achieve a true “six pack abs” look. With the advancement of fat removal technology along came Liposuction – as a quick way of removing unwanted fat from your body. However, most men do not prefer to have major surgery or conventional liposuction.

This is where VASER Liposuction has made a difference for anyone who wants a more defined body.

Why exercise alone is not enough?

No matter how hard you exercise or limit your diet to the healthiest food you can find, we all have superficial subcutaneous fat which is almost impossible to burn off through exercise. Exercise helps us to develop the abdominal muscles but they won’t be visible until you burn off the fat layer in-front of them. To get a truly defined body, you have to achieve a body fat percentage of 3% (Lance Armstrong had around 4% during his racing days) which obviously easier said than done.

How does VASER Lipo work?

Vaser Lipo and VASER Hi-Def can significantly remove large or stubborn areas of fat which is normally very hard to shift through exercise. More importantly it can precisely sculpt and define areas of the body you need with minimal bruising and downtime compared to conventional lipo treatments.

It uses an ultrasound probe which helps in melting and removing unwanted body fat. You can have a six pack sculpted out of a barrel shape or stronger more defined pectoral muscles.

Vaser can be used in the following areas to get rid of unwanted body fat;

· Pectorals

· Chin

· Buttocks

· Love Handles

· Back

· Neck

· Abdomen

· Knees

· Chest