Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers


This is an easy microwave recipe. Although I am using sweet peppers, you can use large firm tomatos. It is one of those which begs for left overs and the extra liquid is to be saved to be used again in the next batch or for seasoning other dishes.

Stuffed Peppers

Now my Peppers don’t look like this because I don’t cut the top clean off. I pull out the stem, clean out the seeds, (which I plant) and then will stuff my pepper. Every batch is a little different depending on what I have on hand. My staples are;


  • Sweet Peppers
  • Vege Cheese
  • Vege Mince
  • Tomato pieces
  • left overs…(rice, vegetables, pasta, etc)
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  • A pepper is a serving, depends on how large the pepper

Cooking Time

  • Broken 7 minutes in a microwave


  • It depends what you like, onions, garlic, pepper, how much is left up to you.


  1. Clean your pepper and stand it in a container.
  2. Put Vege cheese at the bottom.
  3. Use your Vege mince, which you have hydrated in left over liquid from last time. If this is your first batch, hydrate in some flavouring i.e. from Ramen noodles.
  4. Add small slices of fresh tomato, and push down on your ingredients; remember you are stuffing the pepper so everything should be a bit compact.
  5. Add another bit of vege cheese, then more ingredients, any left overs, even three strands of spagetti, two lima beans, what ever you have.
  6. Add more tomato.
  7. The top should be vege cheese, tomato and some thyme leaves or oregano
  8. Stand in a micro wave container where there are sides
  9. Pop into Mico wave at high for three minutes.
  10. Pour off and save the extra liquid which will catch at the bottom.
  11. Pop back into microwave for another three minutes
  12. Pour off more liquid and check the peppers they should be a bit puckered and a bit soft. If not, back in for two minutes.

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This is one of those easy ‘catch all’ recipes which begs left overs as stuffing. They should be left in the micro until cool enough to touch and are often eatten (if the peppers are small enough) by hand. The pepper and tomato produce a lot of liquid which is delicious. Save it to hydrate your vegemince.