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Vehicle Mounted Camera System


Vehicle Mounted Camera System: Why Opt for One?

Vehicle mounted camera system is now a popular car device. Initially, drivers install this device in large trucks to have a complete view of all its sides while traveling. Back in the 1950’s, classical movies use old-fashioned vehicle camera systems to feature driving scenes. As of today with various advancements made the film industry still relies on car cameras but it is now modernized in style and functionality. Furthermore, the use of these modernized car cameras has expanded to various functions. What are these functions? And why should one opt for it?

Modern day use of mounted camera systems in cars

Surveillance and monitoring purposes are the foremost function of vehicle mounted camera system nowadays. To expound further, ensuring that your vehicle is safe it requires consistent monitoring and surveillance. As you know there are numerous car thefts incidents today. Mounted cameras would enable you to track your cars down in cases that it is stolen. Aside from that scenario, car damages such as scratches, crashes and other types of accidents can also be monitored with these cameras. It can record evidences of the said crime or accidents. This is very helpful for insurance claims and police reports.

Company cars or trucks of factories and other types of distributors can gain security benefits with the use of mounted cameras. This is very effective when transporting goods in different localities. Cargo trucks carrying load of supplies can easily monitor their goods while they are on breaks.

Why opt for vehicle mounted cameras?

Security is the primary reason why one should opt for vehicle mounted camera system. As mentioned earlier almost everything today needs evident facts. If you can prove that a certain accident or crime has occurred the police will efficiently respond. However, without prior evidence the term “benefit of a doubt” will always be applied. Plus, applying preventive measures is still the best way for you to secure safety and protection.

The rise of these types of vehicle camera’s popularity started when it became affordable. Opting for these cameras will not cost you much. It is actually a device worthy of its value. In conclusion this makes it a smart purchase not only for company cars but for personal use as well.

Choosing the right mounted camera systems for your vehicle

When choosing the best car camera for you several factors should be considered depending on its purpose. Basically, for personal use you have to consider its connectivity. As much as possible consistent monitoring should be acquired. Furthermore, resolutions are also considered. The cheapest car cameras today are within the price range of $50 to $100. This displays low resolution with a 3 inch screen. A $200 mounted camera on the other hand is wireless an infrared for night purposes.

As for company cars, aside from those mentioned above durability is another important issue to consider. It should be able to withstand rough roads. In addition to that multi-camera system is also available for $400. This is strongly recommended for trucks to view various angles.


Depending on the purpose of your purchase you can opt for the best car camera for you. Whichever vehicle mounted camera system you choose, you are rest assured that your vehicle is safe and protected from accidents and crimes.

Vehicle Mounted Camera System
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