Vehicle Mounted Weapons System In Battles

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Vehicle Mounted Weapons System

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Vehicle mounted weapons system is widely used in the military throughout the world. It increases their precision, mobility and survivability in wars. With these extensively made weapons, soldiers can have forefront advantage to commence lethal attacks towards their opponents without actually having to sacrifice their allies. These highly dangerous machines can devastate an entire area with its ability to fire hundreds of bullets within a minute and blast off multiple rockets for just seconds. Many soldiers depend on these vehicle mounted weapons system for their triumph in wars. These are considered as the monster machines in the battlefield.

Vehicle mounted weapons system is carefully and extensively engineered by professional group of individuals. The combat features included in these machines were planned and strategized very well so that it can overpower opponents and can serve as the bosses of all weaponries in the battle arena. The capabilities of a vehicle mounted weapons system play a crucial role on the outcome of a war. Before a vehicle mounted weapons system is set in battlefields, a highly experienced soldier must be chosen to operate this machine. A soldier must first undergo crucial trainings and extensive orientation before they can qualify to manoeuvre these highly dangerous armed vehicles. One false move in operating the vehicle mounted weapons system can greatly affect the chances of winning a battle.

The M240 Machine Gun is a widely held weapon employed in vehicle mounted weapons system since mid-1980. It is used by the US armed forces in their underground, aerial, marine and on-land battles. It is known to be an effective and reliable heavy weapon by many soldiers and that is why until recent battles, this weapon is still predominantly used.

CROWS or the Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station is another heavy vehicle mounted weapons system that allows soldiers to operate inside an armor-protected vehicle and to engage targets with high precision. This machine has two major parts; the mount on the exterior and the control group in the interior. The mount can rotate in 360 degrees and can elevate from -20 degrees below to 60 degrees above. It can be equipped with varieties of weapons including the M240B Machine Gun, the MK19 Grenade Machine Gun and the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon.

The M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System is another vehicle mounted weapons system that is mounted with rocket artillery weapons. It can fire long range projectiles of up to 26 miles whether guided or unguided. It successively shoots rockets and swiftly eludes approaching enemy attacks. It was first used during the 80’s to gain dominion among weapons of mass destruction in wars.

The use of vehicle mounted weapons system is governed by certain laws. It can only be operated by licensed soldiers to protect citizens from probable war threats. They are highly dangerous machines that when operated illegally can trigger serious criminal offense. With the advancement of our technology today, many rich countries mass-produce highly sophisticated vehicle mounted weapons systemas part of their strategy to gain power over other countries when upcoming wars surge.

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