Vehicle Mounted Weapons Systems

All over the world, soldiers use vehicle mounted weapons systems in the war fields. These vehicles that are mounted with weapons offer soldiers with the much needed ability to fight in battle fields giving them the advantage of mobility while in combative action. Many of these vehicles are used during practice sessions or in actual war zones and the opportunities to see them in action are removed from the ordinary citizens. These weapons present a volatile and hostile environment and it is highly advisable to stay clear of them if one is not a soldier or an expert operator of weaponry.

With the advance in technology, military combat gear has also advanced and it is not unusual to fight an enemy with very highly sophisticated fighting equipment and gear. To this end, countries are rapidly upgrading their vehicles and their weapons. There are weapons being manufactured that can fire rounds of bullets per period, usually per minute. They can also launch multiple rockets in a very short period of time. Most of these weapons are remotely operated.

Particulars of Guns

A military vehicle can host an M240 Machine Gun. This is a gas operated weapon that fires 7.62 times 51 millimeter rounds of ammunition. It is a designated United States Military belt fed gun created in mid 1980s. The M240 is a heavy weapon and is generally used by armed forces, in aircraft and watercraft machines as well as in ground vehicles. It is a popular gun because it is highly effective.

The M2 Browning is another gun mounted on war vehicles. It is sometimes known as the .50 caliber gun and is heavy to operate. It was first used towards the end of the First World War. The name of the weapon is derived from the name of the developer who was John Browning. This weapon is very much an effective weapon to this day.

The BGM-71 TOW Missile System is another one of the deadly vehicle mounted weapons systems in use today. In full, this weapon is referred to as the Tube launched Wire command link optically guided missile system. It is an anti tank missile that was initially launched in the 1970s. It gained its popularity during the Vietnam War.

More Vehicle Mounted Weapons Systems

FGM-172 SRAW is a short range gun that is of light weight. It is more effective as a close range weapon. The weapon uses one of the newest technologies known as fire-then-forget system. The gun man tracks the target for about three seconds and then shoots the gun. In this method, the internal system of the gun works out the distance that the shot will travel and then calculates the point at which he missile will intercept the targeted object.

M242 Bushmaster, another one of the highly effective vehicle mounted weapons systems, is a 25 x 137 millimeter auto cannon that is chain fed. It is extensively used by the United States armed forces and also by NATO.


Vehicle mounted weapons systems should only be utilized by legally licensed personnel in the permitted military or government body operations.