Vehicle Warranty Extension Offers in Mail

Owning a Car that has Vehicle Warranty

Vehicle warranty extension offers in mail is very common. In the legal and business world, the term warranty signifies an assurance between the transacting parties that certain conditions or facts will surely happen. The warranty is when the issuing party assures the receiving party to a financial contract that everything that they say about the item or issue will take place. The receiving entity then relies on this promise and is able to look for a remedy if the promise is not carried out or if it is not true. Since most warranties are written down, it is always hard to break the warranties and in general, they are worthy documents to have. A warranty can either be implied or expressed and ca be a vehicle warranty extension offered in the mail.

Car Warranties

A brand new car from the factory normally carries a warranty of that extends from a minimum period of one year to, in some cases ten years. The car factory is allowed to extend a one year, three year or five year warranty. Ten year warranty on a new car is an exception but it can happen. Some engine manufacturers also offer a warranty that is based on the workmanship and manufacturer’s warranties. Other companies further provide vehicle warranty extensions which are sometimes referred to as used car warranties. These warranties can be secured for up to twelve year old cars.

A service contract, maintenance agreement or a service agreement are other names which are referred to, to mean an extended warranty. This is a type of prolonged warranty that is provided to consumers. Extended warranties can either come from retailers, the actual manufacturers or through a warranty administrator. The extended warranties may cost a bit more than the regular warranties. In some cases, the extended warranty purchased for many years, spell out in writing that in the course of the first year the user of the good must continue to deal with and through the particular manufacturer in the event of a malfunction. In the end, the promotion of a five year guarantee which is an extended warranty is in fact only a four year warranty. Many people receive vehicle warranty extension offers in mail.

Extended Vehicle Warranties

A vehicle extended warranty is therefore a service agreement that is made between the auto guarantee provider and the owner of the car. The warranty that accompanies all new vehicles covers the cost of repairs during a given duration of time and also a particular number of mileages. For example the guarantee can cover the vehicle for a period of three years and a limited mileage of nor more than thirty six thousand miles. When the period set aside for the cover of the warranty runs out, the owner of the car has the option of buying a warranty which is then known as an extended vehicle warranty. This is where many companies post the warranties and these can be received by people as vehicle warranty extension offers in mail.

These warranties in essence are not an addition to the exact terms that were offered in the initial manufacturer’s guarantee. Rather, they are a completely new agreement offered by third party providers. One needs to be weary of vehicle warranty extension offers in mail as some of them are usually scam mail.