Verizon Droid X My Best Cell Phone Ever Review

Writing the “Verizon Droid X My Best Cell Phone Ever Review” is fun because it’s such a great phone. There are so many good things about this phone that it’s easily the best phone I’ve ever had. I’ve had flip phones, prepaid phones, and a Blackberry Storm, but none of them even come close to my Droid X. I use my cell phone mainly to text, email, surf the web, keep notes, check the weather, as a GPS unit and oh yeah, as a phone. I’m still finding new ways to use my Droid. There are too many great features to mention them all but I’ll start with a few of my favorites here.

First, the Droid X has a great design. It’s a black phone with a thin profile and a 4.3” wide HD touch screen making it pleasant to look at in a Star Trek kind of way. It also has an HDMI port and a micro-USB port on one side of the phone and a jack for an earpiece so you can listen to music or videos stored on your Droid X or streaming from the Internet.

The touch screen is one of the first things people notice on the Droid because other than four small navigation buttons on the front face, it covers the entire face of the phone. Speaking of screens, the Droids five scrolling screens freaked me out. You can actually scroll through multiple screens just by sliding a finger across the current screen. Each screen is a place to keep apps for all kinds of functions.

Speaking of apps, you can put Motorola or Android widgets on any screen by using the touch and hold feature. To use this feature you just touch and hold the screen to open a menu list of widgets. These widgets are handy shortcuts to some pretty amazing apps.

I have a couple of these apps, one called “Sticky note” and another called “CadreBible” on my home screen now. Sticky note is just what it sounds like. They’re the electronic version of the yellow sticky notes that we scribble on and stick on our walls computers and anywhere else we can find to stick them. CadreBible is a full function King James Version bible software that’s a “free” download from the “Android Marketplace” where you can find free and paid apps.

Some other features that come on the Verizon Android are:

A pre-installed 16 GB Micro SD card

The famed Android Operating System

An 8.0 Megapixel camera

3G Mobile Hotspot lets you share your phone’s 3G connection with as many as five Wi-Fi enabled devices, including notebooks, netbooks, MP3 players, cameras, PDAs, portable gaming systems and more.

There are too many great things about the Verizon Droid X to mention them all here but that’s why my Droid X is my best phone ever.

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