Very Essential Tips for Summer Vacation

I would love to start my first blog talking about travelling especially now that it summer. Everyone is talking about summer vacation. Sometime you need to take a break from routine work and have some enjoyment because even the thing we love doing they end up becoming routine like cooking, helping the kids with homework and so forth. It not a must you go outside the country or take a flight domestic can also be very entertaining.

How to prepare for the vacation

First you need an adequate time for you vacation especially if you are going with the children so as to the best time ever.

Prepare by doing a good research about the place using your smart phone like iPhone, smartphone or laptop can help you get a good information about the place and read peoples review and comment so as to get a bigger picture about where you are going.

Research about the activities that take place there. Remember to get some toys for your children there is good selection at amazon or even ebay like mega blocks, beach toys if you are going to the beach. This will make your children enjoy the vacation to the fullest.

Remember when you come back you don’t want to forget what happened there so get yourself a portable camera like canon very good for video recording as well, fuji or even samsung galaxy camera. Take pictures and video as it can last forever but in your mind it will be erased very quickly.

Means of transport are you going there by vehicle, metro train or flight. Make the arrangement or booking as early as you can. Ensure you have enough money and keep extra aside in case of emergency.

Packing you luggage. Don’t carry unnecessary things. Get your small kids small backpack so help in carrying their toys and some items. Count how many days you will spend there to ensure you have carried enough clothes. If you have small children you actually need extra clothes, diapers, baby shawl, towels,wipes and creams because they become dirty quickly.

Remember to pack your adapters, power bank, chargers for smartphone, iPad,cameras as you will take plenty of photos. Sunscreen, hats,sunglasses,scarves, treatment for bites and stings all these very important especially if you will spend a lot of time outdoors.