Vestibulitis: when love hurts!

PVD or vestibulitis is a syndrome characterized by severe pain caused by pressure on the vagina and pain during intercourse. This syndrome is not known to specialists and misdiagnosed, although it affects a large proportion of women. The pain varies from one woman to another, and may be intermittent or daily. This syndrome, poorly known specialists still poorly diagnosed. We detected using a specific enough test: the test swab. It is indeed support, using a cotton swab on some specific points of the vestibule area located at the entrance of the vagina.

What are the causes?
The causes of this disease are still quite unknown to the medical profession. It raises several hypotheses to explain the origin of this evil vaginitis repeated use of antibiotics, stress, the contraceptive pill (because it dries), and even a genetic predisposition … It can also be factors order due to psychological trauma: sexual assault, rape … Or in some cases be a personal lock: fear of men, fear of sex … In these cases this has resulted in the refusal closure of the vagina and therefore unable to have sex. Women approaching menopause, lubrication is not sufficient, which causes pain and thus contraction of the vagina.

What treatments?
Several treatments are available to treat this problem yet none is 100% effective. Here is an overview of the most common remedies against this evil:

  • Prescription creams by the doctor: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hormonal … premarin hormone cream is the best known
  • For a lot of women, the solution is to physiotherapy and pelvic floor muscle training. It is to learn to control the muscles of the vagina, then relax the perineum
  • You can also use a probe complementary or a dilator to stretch and relax the area (this method is called biofeedback)
  • It is also advisable to properly massage the hallway with your fingers or a small vibrator, ideally after sex
  • As a last resort, some doctors perform an operation called vestibulectomie of removing the painful part of the vestibule. However, the success of this operation is not absolutely guaranteed

Tricks to better manage vestibulitis
Some basic rules of healthy lifestyle can contribute to a better live vestibulitis:

  1. – Wear cotton underwear and white strings ban
  2. – Do not wear tight clothing
  3. – Wear cotton napkins
  4. – Grooming intimate with a specific gel
  5. – Well lubricated sex

The psychological
In many cases, psychological treatment may be lifesaving because vestibulitis often causes an evil being and other psychological problems: loss of desire, lack of confidence and loss of desire. It can also prove to be difficult to live within the couple and sometimes cause ruptures because the disease is not always easy to understand for men. That is why in these times, outside help can be beneficial for women and couples …