Vibrating Alarm Clock for Deaf People

Millions of people around the globe wake up to an alarm clock radio to help start the day. What about deaf people and the hearing impaired? Well, there’s no need to worry. Anyone that suffers from hearing loss can also wake up to an alarm clock. Vibrating alarm clocks for deaf people are among the best ways to wake up period. Some people aren’t inclined to waking up to sounds anyways. A good vibration will jolt you right out of bed, and get you right on your feet.

If you are hearing impaired, or deaf, you can take comfort in knowing there’s specific alarm clocks made specifically for hearing loss. There are some bad products, but some really good ones that have helped a lot of people. I’ve listed some of the few really good and quality vibrating alarm clocks that anyone can use effectively to help wake them up. Everyone should use an alarm clock to help them sleep much better at night.

Top Rated Vibrating Alarm Clock to Buy

When it comes to the absolute best alarm clocks, I personally would pay anywhere between $60-$100 dollars for a high quality one. That might seem like a big investment, but most are backed up with good warranties. Nothing replaces being able to wake up in time and get to work, and get a good night’s sleep in result of a good alarm clock. For most people’s money the Sonic Boom SBH400ss Sweetheart Loud Plus Vibrating Alarm Clock is the very best for hearing impaired and deaf people.

Anyone can use this alarm clock, but its more suited for the heavy sleepers, or those hard of hearing. It’s made exactly for hearing impaired people, and those that can’t hear at all. With well over a hundred amazon views its been rated a 4.5 star and is the highest rated product on their website.

It features an extra loud audio alarm. However, the volume can be adjusted if its too loud for some. Why this product works is because its a bed shaking alarm clock. It shakes the entire bed with a vibration for those hard of hearing, or can’t hear at all. Most people should wake up with a 12 volt used to shake the entire bed. I know I would, and I can sleep through just about anything.

Best Cheap Vibrating Alarm Clock to Buy

I’m all for making a good investment on an expensive alarm clock. But if you’re on a tight budget, you won’t find many cheaper vibrating alarms for hearing impaired and deaf people than the Sonic Alert SBP100 Sonic Boom Portable Vibrating Alarm Clock. I like this because obviously its small enough to travel with, and its one of the best alarm clocks on the market despite its incredibly low price..

This alarm dual clock features a very powerful bed shaker that anyone should feel to help get them on their feet, and help start the day. It also comes with an extremely loud alarm clock. So loud it can be heard through the most distracting sounds like cars, trains, and other commotions that might be happening where you’re sleeping.

Silent Vibrating Alarm Clock

These alarm clocks are for those that are deaf, or can’t wake up to sound. You wear the Lark Silent Un-Alarm Clock and Sleep Sensor around your wrist like its a watch. The silent alarm clock does come with composer created audio backup that will go off if by some chance the battery dies, or if it falls off your wrist.

What I find kind of cool is that it comes with a mobile app and personal online dashboard to show how you slept. You can also unlock a personalized and actionable plan to help you sleep better at night with a personal sleep coach. This is one of the more unique alarm clock sensor systems on the market.

I think anyone that has trouble getting up, and is a long time sufferer of insomnia might appreciate what the Lark Silent has to offer. It is a bit expensive, but might be worth the extra money with some of cool features it comes with.

Vibrating Alarm Clock with Telephone Signaler

Sonic is the top leading selling brand in vibrating alarm clocks. Most customers seem to buy their products, and they’re without a doubt well made and reasonably priced. What is cool about the built in telephone signaler is that it comes with built-in flashing light. So basically it uses a three step approach to getting one out of bed. A powerful 12 volt bed shaker vibrator, and a loud 113db adjustable tone and volume control. The built in lights automatically will go off when the alarm clock goes off. It’s one of the top rated products on the market.