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Hitting drills for baseball are the only practice that players can get outside of simply taking batting practice all day long. There are many variations in the mechanics of a hitter that must be covered in order for the player to the best hitter they can be. When investing time and money in hitting drills, the coach and parent must consider what they are going to get out of the drills.


Often times, it is hard for batters to see the ball that is coming at them at high speeds. Because of this, the batter has no chance of hitting the ball. The Baseball Hitting drills that begin to teach vision and show the batter how to see the ball as it comes to them are the beginning of any good hitting program.

Swing Velocity
Many hitters only know how to swing the bat one way. While this could produce hits here and there, this is not a complete batting program for any hitter. The only way a hitter can challenge different pitchers is to know how to swing the bat at different speeds to accommodate for different pitches. Regardless of the pitch that the pitcher throws, there is a bat speed that matches that pitch once it is coming over the plate.

Swing Timing

Many times, the batter is swinging at a proper level for a pitch, but the batter is not swinging at the ball at the right time. In order for the batter to make contact, they must be taught when to swing at the ball. This skill combines vision and the ability of the batter to use proper bat speed. These skills can be learned through when the batter understands the proper time to swing at the ball, they become more efficient at making contact. The hitting instruction is very necessary for the players.

Batting to Get On Base
many batters can take their skills and attempt to hit only home runs, but there is a great value in getting on base. This means that the batter must know how to hit each pitch in a way that will increase their likelihood of getting on base. He can make a good practice with Baseball Hitting Drills which are best for this purpose. Some batters also need to learn which pitches to swing at. If the batter is willing to look at certain pitches, they can turn an at-bat into a walk over and over and always become a base runner. Completing a full batting program helps the player to become a more efficient and beneficial batter to the team. With vision, bat speed and swing selection, a batter can get on base more often than not.