Video of Hundreds of baby Black Widow Spiders.

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My family recently moved to a new house in a town about 25 miles away from where we had lived for almost 30 years. In the 30 years we lived at our old house we had only found a few Black Widow Spiders. I can count about 5 times that we actually found one. On the other hand we had a ton of Brown Recluse spiders.

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At the new house we have found about 2 dozen Black Widow Spiders in a year and a half. We have found the Black Widows Spiders around the gutters of the house, the pool, under buckets and even in the mailbox. It seems we find one about every week or two.

I found one a few weeks ago that had three eggs with it. I collected the egg sacks and the Black Widow Spider in a jar. I was keeping her for a little while so I could photograph and video tape her. I did not have my camera with me when I found her. The following weekend I brought my camera so that I could have a video of a Black Widow Spider to put on Youtube. When I got to the jar I saw that the eggs had hatched and there were hundreds of baby Black Widow Spiders in the jar. I decided that this was a pretty unique video opportunity.

I set my camera on a tripod and lines up the jar. I knew once I opened the jar, the babies would be going everywhere. After focusing my camera and checking my setting I opened the jar and began filming. I was able to get about 3 videos before the baby Black Widows were going everywhere.

I normally do not kill anything I don’t have too. I let poisonous spiders go, I let poisonous snakes go. I just don’t feel its right to kill an animal simply because it’s poisonous. This was the exception. I could not let hundreds of potentially dangerous Black Widow Spider babies escape to possibly grow to be adults. I quickly closed the lid trapping the majority inside. I had no good way of killing the spiders. I decided to put the jar inside out grill and turn the flames on for a few minutes. All of the spiders died in a matter of seconds.

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Video of Hundreds of baby Black Widow Spiders., Seekyt
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