View Instagram Photos without the actual App

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Instagram is the most popular photo sharing app in the world. Now, it has over 40+ Million users worldwide. When a person goes to download the app, he/she doesnot need to read all the views. It occupies very small size of your mobile phone memory and gives you what you need to be the best photo app. Instagram was high in news all over the web as the Social media giant bought the app for jaw breaking $1Bllion.

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So, why you need to view instagram pics on the web? Because instagram photos can only be viewed by the app only. But now a new website named Webbygram has come to existence. After facebook bought the app, it added a new feature to the facebook timeline that it shows a seperate folder for your instagram folder just by the ‘Photos Folder in your profile.

If you cannot see the facebook instagram feature yet, just wait for a while. Facebook will soon add it worldwide.You can see all your and others instagram pictures by the web app made by Brenden Mulligan. You just need to sign in with your instagram id. If you don’t have any instagram id, you can still view the photos. The default homepage of the web app shows the most popular photos of Instagram. If you want to see your friends photos, you just need his username and use this link :


Just replace *** with your friend’s username and access all your friend’s pics in an instant. The format of the website looks similar to that of tumblr homepage and has Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest bookmark buttons. You can see all the comments and likes of the photos and also the user who uploaded it. The website has just launched and I think it has some capability of being a good web app. Current instagram users might want to view their pics on a larger screen than their phones, so this particular web app can be a hit. One thing I like about the web app is that the interface is quite simple and anyone can easily use it without getting confused. Tumblr users might find the web app easy to use as it is much like the tumblr homepage. It also has the heart shaped ( ? ) like button when you hover on the photos!

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View Instagram Photos without the actual App, Seekyt
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