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Villas in Jumeirah park-executing growing family needs

Launched in the year 2006, the upscale residential community is creatively designed to provide themed lodging units for standard families. Besides offering convenient access to important residential and corporate centers like Business Bay, Dubai Marina, TECOM and Emirate’s Airport, the project also houses community centers like clubhouse, departmental stores, shopping centers, restaurants, children daycare center, play areas and youth centers. Besides all these, recreational facilities include tennis court, gym and parks with jogging and cycling tracks. Having been the part of the Emirates Living District with a direct access to Sheikh Zayed Road and sharing the boundary with Jumeirah Island embellishes its importance.

How this project executing family needs?
Spreading over the area of 370-hectare, Jumeirah Park is a secure gated community featuring beautifully constructed open-plan homes with green fencing around them. The project encompasses 2000 trendy single homes which are built around three unique design themes, named as Heritage, Regional and Legacy villas. All three design clusters offer trendy housing units to execute accommodation needs of growing families. The facility of all family-oriented amenities within the neighbourhood makes it one of the most desirable residential addresses in the city. Family-oriented design offers free space that can be fenced and modified to execute personal lifestyle needs. Although, Jumeirah park villas are based on three different design themes, prospective residents should also consider the size of accommodation unit while renting or buying a unit here.

Housing units are available in different sizes that ranges from three bedroom (gallery and large units), four bedroom and five bedrooms. Irrespective to their total area, all units feature large bedrooms, family rooms, gardens, private terraces and double garages. Moreover, temperature controlled swimming pools and open areas are few distinguishing characteristics, making this community a unique and desirable place to live.

Five bedroom lodges
Five bedroom units are available in two design themes with private swimming pools and large garden area. Legacy units are based on a Spanish design with slanted red brick roofs, yellow walls and curved windows that are finished with royal white paint. On the other hand Regional units are recognized with flat terraces decorated with green mesh made of baked clay material, rectangular windows and cream colored walls with green borders.

Four Bedroom Units
Four bedroom units are also available in two design themes including Spanish and Regional design. Swimming pool and beautiful backyard gardens are also the part of these housing units. Prominent design features of the Spanish theme include sloping red roofs, semi curved windows and yellow walls. Regional design units possess specific embellishments like embroidered green mesh, rectangular casements and green bordered walls painted with cream color.

Three bedroom large units
Three bedroom large units are available in all three design themes, including Legacy, Regional and Heritage villas. All themed homes can be easily recognized with their relevant design features. Heritage units can be easily distinguished by their plain rectangular windows and sand cloured walls with darker borders.

Three bedroom small units
Small three bedroom units come in two designs, Legacy and Heritage themes. Despite possessing a lesser number of bedrooms, they contain all essential design features of these themes from terraces, swimming pools, unique colored walls, distinctive shaped windows and garden areas.

Summary: Jumeirah Park is a premier residential community, popular due to its family-oriented design outlay and lifestyle offerings.

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