Vintage 17th Century World Map Wall Clock

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17th Century World Map Wall Clock

Reviewed By: Peter Stip on August 29, 2013

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The vintage world map of the 17th century gives me a feel of adventure. It’s the time when new continents where explored and new ideas developed. The 17th Century World Map Wall Clock gives you the idea to explore and go there for yourself.

The World Map Wall Clock almost works as a time machine. It makes you dreamy, or at least made me dreamy. Wondering about how it would be like to live in the 17th century and explore the strange new worlds.

The world opened up by great man like Marco Polo and Columbus, man traveled by land and by sea, exploring new landscapes with different vegetation and animal life. Cultures from far away places came into contact with the west Europeans, for good or for worse… Life changed, the mentality of people changed, the horizon became bigger.

This vintage wooden world map clock does remind me of these exciting times.

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Vintage 17th Century World Map Wall Clock, Seekyt

The Specs of the Vintage Wooden World Map Clock

The wall clocks can be ordered in different sizes. 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 inch. The 12, 18 and 24 inch wall clocks are silent. The 36 and 30 inch wall clocks have a original vintage ticking sound.

Good Points

  • Thiswall clock is made out of wood, not plastic as many of these world map wall clocks are
  • The clock is not ticking, which I prefer, if you want a ticking wall clock you can take the bigger one, the 30′ or 36′
  • Handmade in America
  • 3 years warranty!

Picture quality of the wall clock

The image of the world map is coated with a special gel that protects it and gives it a long durability. Personally I love the typographics of the numbers. Well chosen for the vintage design.

My verdict of the 17th century world map wall clock.

I love the clock, the touch and feel are warm. The quality of the wood and the picture of the world looks good. It is a great clock for the study or the living room. I think that the price of the wall clock is not to expensive compared with other clocks and the decent quality of this world map clock.

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Vintage 17th Century World Map Wall Clock, Seekyt
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