News Vintage Swimsuits for Women - Retro is Back and...

Vintage Swimsuits for Women – Retro is Back and I am Loving It


As someone who positively despises bathing suit shopping, I was pleasantly surprised this year by the vintage style swimsuits on the market.

The retro styling of the 50s and 60s are back, and no I don’t mean the polka dot bikini but the colourful swimwear that covers more body parts than some of the more modern styles and the cute ruffles and patterns are back too.

The best part about this retro styling is that the fabrics are much better than back then. I remember it used to take days for your swimsuit to dry on the line and it would be crunchy when you put it back on, and sometimes you felt like you would sink as they were much heavier. So, designers have really hit the market with this chic and trendy yet vintage style swimwear that fits all sized bodies, not just the perfect sized 2s!

One Piece Vintage Swimsuits

What I like best about this style is that you still fit in with the public! They are not ugly or gawdy but very chic. This retro styling has a more “boxer shorts like” cut at the bottom, rather than the high on the thigh cut (which I am not a fan). It tends to cover more body parts yet still looks sexy.

Vintage Swimsuits for Women – Retro is Back and I am Loving ItGorgeous Vintage Style Swimsuit

The newer fabrics are not only lighter and more comfortable and dry fast, but they also tend to give you a slimmer look as they hug the right curves and sort of slide over the not so nice. This style (pictured) is one that I like as the white sides give you more of a defined waist line and doesn’t show any midriff area and still looks great.

This is a nicer change from the basic black or navy blue one piece bathing suits I usually end up with.

The halter style neck was very popular and now it has come back. If you want to go with the 2 piece bikini you can still get that in vintage styling, but personally I am liking some of these one piece vintage style swimsuits.

If you are someone who doesn’t really like shopping for swimwear, or you get that basic black or navy blue one piece to look slimmer or hide under a cover-up and then quickly slide into the pool then you need to check out some of these new vintage and retro styles on the market. The fabrics are better than decades ago and the fit is awesome. I am actually venturing out into colours and patterns which I never would have done before in a bathing suit. I am liking the vintage style swimwear!

Vintage Swimsuits for Women – Retro is Back and I am Loving It
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