News VIPedge – Toshiba's Cloud-based Telephone Solution

VIPedge – Toshiba's Cloud-based Telephone Solution


Toshiba has been a leading player in the VoIP market for quite some time now. They have been a leading vendor of highly respected end devices such as digital telephones for a very long time. What they have done is to extend that knowledge and capability to design and manufacture IP telephones, mobility devices, and a full set of powerful IP-PBX systems. Their IPedge is a very powerful IP-PBX that works purely in the digital circuit domain. The Strata-CIX allows you to mix digital circuits with analog PSTN circuits.
In the cloud based on hosted telephony market again, Toshiba took an early lead. They hosted large number of networked IPedge in a data center with military grade security and uptime. They also kept the network open to add more servers as and when the market responded.
VIPedge, Toshiba’s cloud-based telephone solution offers a host of features, but what is important for a business are the following:
Superior Audio Quality: Constantly analyzing the network usage, the system takes corrective measures so that you always get crystal clear voice and assured data transfer.
Premium Service: With a nation-wide network of trained dealers, you can be assured of world class installation as well as on-going support.
Better Cost Management: Your communication costs are always on a predictable monthly basis, with zero upfront capital and other investment.
Assured Uptime: The choice or data center and redundancy in server hosting, the high level of security, availability, and performance all lead to one thing – zero downtime.
VIPedge has been winning awards year after year, whether it is the Cloud Computing Excellence award, or the Product of The Year Award.
VIPedge is available in four flavors:
• VIPedge Business Standard User : Standard features for one user, including direct inward dial, VIPedge features, unified messaging with Find-Me, Follow-Me and T.38 fax, and Call Manager Advanced with VoIP plug-in.
• VIPedge Channel – Call Center: 1,200 local and long-distance minutes included, then charged on a per-minute basis for additional minutes. International calling not included.
• VIPedge Channel–Unlimited: Unlimited local and long-distance minutes for standard business user— International calls charged separately on a per-minute basis.
• VIPedge Auto-Attendant: Direct inward dialing (DID) for main number or department number with Auto-Attendant feature (interactive voice response).
VIPedge delivers a full set of communications tools, including complete call handling and call control features, voice mail with unified messaging, unified communications and mobility using in-building wireless handsets or Apple® iOS and Android™ smartphones as office extensions.
Each VIPedge user license includes a comprehensive suite of call processing features, plus voice mail with unified messaging, Find Me, Follow Me call routing, soft phone and Call Manager unified communications.

Call Manager
VIPegde is supported by Call Manager for Windows, one of the most featured and powerful call management system ever developed.
Call Manager runs on PCs with Microsoft® Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP operating systems connected to a standard TCP/IP network, working with the Toshiba Strata Net Server and software license(s) as appropriate.
The Call Manager is a powerful unified communications toll that lets you manage all your calls from a PC. It gives you the ability to dial, answer, transfer and more using your mouse.
With the Call Manager from Toshiba, you can do the following:
Drag and drop features make call transfer, speed dialing, and other functions faster and easier.
• Personal call handler uses events, conditions, and actions to handle incoming calls the way you want including routing and screening of calls, selective call forwarding, screen pops of incoming calls, voice mail notification, and more? Outbound dialing from any application makes calling easy with a click of the mouse.
• Launch electronic documents, applications and web pages directly from the Call Manager interface for quick access to the most frequently used communications tools.
• Chat instant messaging enables instant communications with any user, broadcast message to multiple users, and simultaneous Chat sessions.
• Presence capabilities let users see the availability of co-workers and quickly relay and transmit important information to best serve your customer through an easy, intuitive interface.
• Preset control buttons enable you to dial numbers or extensions, launch applications, view automatically generated screen pops of caller information and more.
• Call history provides a log of incoming and outgoing calls that you can print, search, sort, and redial with one click.
• Call notes follow the call wherever it’s transferred so callers don’t have to re-answer the same questions.
• ACD login/logout, supervisor functions and ACD Viewer through built-in integration with Toshiba’s ACD.
• Optional softphone function makes the entire set of IP telephone features accessible to the user.
• Recording control through built-in integration with OAISYS® Tracer products.

VIPedge – Toshiba's Cloud-based Telephone Solution
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