News Vir Hakikat Rai ISBT to witness sea changes due...

Vir Hakikat Rai ISBT to witness sea changes due to renovation


About ISBT

The Inter State Bus Transport (ISBT) is an initiative that has been taken up by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA). During the years 1993 and 1996, the Vir Hakikat Rai ISBT and Swami Vivekanand ISBT were introduced in Delhi respectively. The former is also known as ISBT Sarai Kale Khan. There are around 18 routes on the Vir Hakikat Rai ISBT line and around 42 routes in the Swami Vivekanand ISBT line.


There are some renovation activities being planned on the ISBT line on Sarai Kale Khan Route for the benefit of the commuters. The aim of these activities is to ensure that commuters are able to reach their destination points quickly, without any hassles and that they are exposed to all basic requirements they may require while commuting on the bus. The redevelopment activities plan to merge the current Vir Hakikat line with the railway station at Hazrat Nizamuddin. Some of the benefits or attractions of the renovated route will be:

• Increased proximity to the main railway station at Hazrat Nizamuddin
• Singe point connecting facility of buses, metros and trains
• A whopping area of 10 hectares will be set aside for constructing the ISBT
• Facilities to park buses and cars underground and clear demarcated parking spaces for autos, taxis and other vehicles
• To prevent vehicle commotion and delays, entry and exit points to made specific to the type of vehicle
• For easy movement of passengers between metro, train and bus terminal points, foot over bridges, escalators etc. to be constructed
• Compatible for use by specially- abled people
• Energy efficient construction where natural resources are enjoyed fully by the passengers
• Centralised heating and cooling systems as per the season and proper air circulation devices
• To ensure safety of passengers, CCTV and other security gadgets installed in various places of the ISBT

Some of the features that will be a part of the modified ISBT at Vir Hakikat are given below. These have been incorporated with the sole aim of safety and comfort of the passenger.

• Drinking water dispensers at many places, dispensing hot and cold water that is clean and hygienic
• State of the art and clean toilets for use by men and women separately
• Continuous first aid support 24/7
• Police posts at regular intervals for reaching out to in terms of crisis
• Banks for the sudden financial needs of the passenger
• All platforms to get chairs for resting and waiting, with automatic light and fan control. All features to be highly technologically sophisticated
• Lots of extra services like post, porter, rooms for storing luggage, that is, cloak room, ISD and STD facility on PCOs, parking facilities and stand for parking scooters and two-wheelers
• Ticket distribution cabins at easily accessible points for the ease and comfort of the passengers
• All transports will be given office accommodation
• Public announcement systems that keep announcing the arrival and departure of any vehicle so that the passengers are alert always
• All through the area of ISBT, many stalls selling hot beverages, juices, snacks and other refreshments, paper, books and the like so that the passengers do not have to go outside the terminus to buy these

Vir Hakikat Rai ISBT to witness sea changes due to renovation
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