5 Security Features Your Virtual Data Provider Should Offer


5 Functions That Guarantee You Exceedingly High Level of Security

With the rapid Internet and IT technologies development it has become significantly easier to run businesses and make transactions. Indeed, today, you don’t have to transfer corporate files onto an external hard drive and take them with you to the previously arranged meeting. All you need is a reliable virtual data room platform, where you can keep, share, manage and control your business data online. Today there are many virtual data rooms on offer.  Generally speaking, their main idea is to give you the possibility to keep all your confidential files safe online and distribute sensitive data to the members of the deal, preventing any kind of data lost or leakage to third parties.

Thus, as we can see, security is a key priority for any vdr platform. However, different services offer varying package of security features. But to be able to get the most of vdr, make sure the selected service offers 5 vital “military grade” features:

  1. Bank level data encryption – file transfer should be encrypted using 256-bit SSL/TLS protocol using RSA 2048-bit keys. Plus, it is important that the chosen provider doesn’t store data on the client side while viewing secure docs.
  2. Two-factor user authentication: login using two steps: a password and an SMS to mobile.
  3. Auto data backup: making an additional copy of all your data to protect files against accidental deletion and loss.
  4. Digital rights management: the possibility to set watermarks to all your sensitive files.
  5. IP and time restriction: the possibility to allow particular IP addresses access data within the particular time.

Surprisingly, iDeals happens to include all of the mentioned above advanced security functions, plus a couple of others. Besides, it boasts an array of other lucrative options. Interested, right? Why not take a quick look at its features then?

   iDeals Most Attention-Grabbing Functions Are:

  • Military grade” security: 5 security modes that have been mentioned below, plus:
  1. Antivirus protection
  2. Secure access from mobile devices
  3. Dual protection against various account theft using temporary invitation links and passphrases.
  4. Ability to prevent recipients from printing, saving, or forwarding your files
  5. Setting expiration dates on files, revoking access at any time
  6. Area restriction viewer
  7. Print Screen detector
  8. Conversion of most formats to secure PDF format
  9. Documents protected with a one-time SMS-code
  10. Dynamic watermarks
  11. Print Screen button restriction
  12. Fence view feature for preventing camera-based attacks.
  • Amazing Microsoft Office Integration: you can not only view Excel files within your vdr, but also change cells values and recalculate formulas online!
  • Advanced audit tracking: iDeals can generate detailed reports for you and sort them by group, date or date range, file or user. You can view all activity within your project.
  • Fast and easy search: availability of optical character recognition and full-text searches through all files.
  • A useful Questions & Answers section: allows users to easily create, manage, route, and answer a large volume of questions relating to a project and have a complete audit trail of all Q&A correspondence for legal purpose.