News Visible China Rapid Prototyping to Produce Samples

Visible China Rapid Prototyping to Produce Samples


The procedure of prototyping is introduced as a group of techniques, which uses advanced equipments and 3D computer aided design or CAD data to produce a sample scale for a physical product or assembly in a best possible way. It consists of a CAD process, which starts with creation of geometric data either using 2D slicing with a scanner device or 3D solid with a CAD workstation. The user should represent valid geometrical data model of this prototyping procedure. Stereo lithography designed with hi-tech 3D systems is considered as the primary rapid prototyping process. In addition, you can also recognize the rapid prototyping procedure as computer automated manufacturing, layered manufacturing or free-form manufacturing. Basically, a vehicle is obviously used by this process for visualization of the scale model.

For tooling purpose, this process is also applicable to design samples of male models like investment casts and rubber molds made with silicon. Quality China rapid prototyping finds applications in testing the designs of any product or system by creating sample first. Additionally, highly convoluted shapes are processed by this method. This method is known as “first sample” before producing the molds in China. This provides a facility to the designer to generate a sample according to the standards of mechanical drawings and exteriors for the verification purpose. It verifies the inspection of appearance and mechanical design rationality of a particular product. This process is need as the first stage after completing the R & D and design process to verify the feasibility of a product.

In order to find defects and insufficiency in a product design, this method is available as most effective, efficient and direct way. Usually, it is not necessary that a product is designed perfectly for each time, even direct manufacturing a final product may cause for a great wastage of time, money and manpower. So, rapid prototyping method provides a low volume product sample for making improvements and for large production. The process can be categorized as additive manufacturing, CNC machining, sheet metal, CNC turning, CNC milling and molding. It reduces the risks related to mold making and shorten the time period for product availability.

Plastic materials like PU, PC, PP, POM, PE, PA12, ABS, PA+GF, PMMA, PA6/66 or metal alloys like magnesium alloy, silver, aluminium, copper, carbon steel, SST steel and zinc alloy are used in this method. It is a perfect visual and tangible way to describe the idea of a designer in a physical form. Moreover, this method also avoids the case of the real design of a product not look better than its conceptual design. The defect risks related to a product design also reduce by using this process in a reliable way. Furthermore, this is used by different industries to create sample for their products.

Author Bio: Stella Johnson is a professional author lives Shenzhen China. She loves to share her ideas and knowledge to make people aware about Quality China rapid prototyping, in order to buy, visit RisonPrototype Website.

Visible China Rapid Prototyping to Produce Samples
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