Vision to Manifestation

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Two years ago when I was unemployed having quit a job that I absolutely loved for reasons only God knows, I had a vision Dream Support Network. I did not know exactly what it meant so I talked to a few people about my interpretation and it went nowhere. I then had a divine appoinment with Selwa Hamati a freind of mine for a couple years and after a month or two she called me. “Laura, I was talking to my husband about the Dream Support Network and we want to move forward with it.” I was in a meeting at that time and couldn’t really grasp what was about to happen. Long story as short as I can make it without losing the significance, sudden life changes began to happen people were brought into my life that were pieces to the puzzle, without them this mission would not happen. When I spoke to my ex-husband who had been let’s say in the valley, he lit up all of a sudden his spirit ignited and he knew he could help bring this vision into a reality. He was inspired.

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We called Selwa and told her we grabbed a domain name, have begun working on a website, started creating profiles, and were being “driven” to live our purpose.

We met with Selwa on December 31st, 2010 and created a plan of action. Selwa shared her vision of a having a Center in American Canyon, CA exactly where it would be and features it would have. We began sharing the vision with others and as we began to talk the you should turned to we should and you talk about inspired……..we were glowing like the gates just opened to let us in.

As a member of many different associations like the American Business Women’s Association who inspired and encourage me to take my maxi-pad version of a prototype and start a business of my own, patent, and manufacture, I now have made connections all over the USA and internationally as well. I did discover that logistics were an issue at times and the fees although low did impact my visitor participation. I thought let’s go to the people if they can’t come to us but it did not work out. A huge advocate for the ABWA and the benefits it offers to women and men I encourage this association.

With online college, webinars, teleconferences, skype, and many other advances in technology-NOW IS THE TIME to connect and start helping other learn to fish so they can teach others and so on…… We were born into this world each of us with ”natural talents” and it is up to us to figure out what they are and “Live Your Purpose”.

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Vision to Manifestation, Seekyt
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